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    I have a new wordpress site that works fine with all browsers and most phones and even the new blackberry playbook – but NOT on iPhone or iPad.

    When you bring it up on the iPad or iPhone the main screen really small on the right and everything is small. If you go to a submenu the main screen display is fine. But it is really small on HOME. I understand the problems with twenty eleven having the sidebar at the bottom – that is expected. If I could get the main HOME screen on iPad or iPhone displayed full screen I would be happy but don’t really know where to turn to so I thought maybe someone would have a suggestion.

    My home page is

    Thanks for any help…


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  • Michael


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    possibly caused by the last style in

    #content {

    not tested on iPad –
    as a test, remove this style to see if that solves the problem.

    Alchymyth how do I remove it? I looked under APPEARANCE / EDITOR and looked at the file style.css and the code you talk of is not in that file. How do I get that file specifically that you linked and edit it? Thanks for trying to help me out as this is very frustrating when all is well except for the iPad…


    Alchymyth I figured it out! There was a plugin called PORTFOLIO that I was not using but was activated. As soon as I deactivated that plugin then it corrected the problem and my iPad started working correctly again!

    You were absolutely right in that the style you mentioned was used by that defective plugin – or at least one that was not properly tested with iPad.

    From now on I am going to test all my new plugins with iPad before I start using them!

    Thanks again for your super help in allowing me to quickly resolve this problem!




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    edit: glad you have got it sorted 😉
    due to near synchroneous posting, the now redundant answer below:
    end of edit//

    unfortunately, files in subfolders can usually not be edited from within the dashboard, neither from the plugins – editor nor the appearance – editor.

    you will probably need to use ftp or the file management system of your hoster to edit this file:

    worth reporting this to the plugin author:
    a plugin should actually not use this very generic css id #content (?)

    Alchymyth you solved the problem! Read the post previous!

    I deactivated the portfolio plugin that caused the problem in style and everything works!

    Thank You – Thank you – Thank you !!!


    Hello Alchymyth,

    Can you help me with my website: as the navigation bar (double lines) and the Comprehensive Google map plugin isn’t displayed correctly. I tried some codes you posted on other related topics but none of these don’t work. Hope you van help me.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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