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  • Plugin Author Hector Cabrera


    Hi there,

    What do you mean with “last week”? Which version of WPP were you running before upgrading? What version are you using now?

    I just upgraded to version Version 2.3.5 today, but I believe it started with Version 2.3.4 (the one that was put out late last week).

    I’ve been looking through my database and I’m not even sure where it’s pulling these URL’s from. Very strange.

    Is this a side effect of the Caching plugin I’m using with WPP? I use W3 Total Cache.

    I’m having a similar issue to pisaacs.

    My thumbnails showed correctly before the most recent update, which I just installed today. Now, none of my thumbnails are showing up at all.

    Site is

    Hey breebrouwer. Your having the same issue i am. I just check out your site (great design BTW) and I see it’s doing it to you too.

    It’s just started after I upgraded. I’ve been looking at my database and trying to see were it’s coming from.

    Have you noticed if it’s rewriting the URL’s to your thumbnails at all?

    I’ll be honest, but I’m not very good at coding and PHP, so haven’t been able to figure out where the URL is even pulled from!

    The URL is stored in a table in your database called wp_postmeta. When I query the table I see the correct URL to my thumbnail but that’s not what is being pulled into the Posts Widget.

    I was hoping someone else has noticed this issue and had some ideas of what might be causing it.

    Yeah, I still don’t know how to access my database. 🙂 That’s why I was hoping the author of the plugin would help me out here.

    So far I’ve come up blank myself. I know enough code to get myself in trouble but often times the answer is much simpler then that so I try to look around for help before playing with other peoples’ plugins.

    Yeah, and if it doesn’t get fixed I will switch to another popular posts plugin entirely.

    Plugin Author Hector Cabrera


    @pisaacs I’ll be taking a look into this in a couple of hours, will probably be needing your help later!

    @breebrouwer please, do. Hope you can find a plugin that suits your needs the best.

    @hector Cabrera, I don’t need to switch immediately, but the images thing is very important for a popular posts list! Let me know what you find when you look into this.

    Plugin Author Hector Cabrera


    @breebrouwer then please keep the attitude to yourself. Wiht your demanding attitude, the only thing you’ll achieve is me loosing interest in fixing the issue since thumbnails actually do work for me. You’re getting my work for free, so you don’t get to complain. Next time, please ask politely and you’ll get a better response from me – or else just use another plugin.

    @hector Cabrera, I am not sure how you think I didn’t ask politely; I merely said I was having the same issue as the previous user who posted. If you don’t want to be providing free services and dealing with users who love your plugin despite your customer service skills, then you may want to consider charging for your time so you feel more justified in the work you’re doing.

    I’m having this same image on Everything was working fine before the most-recent update. Now the thumbnails aren’t showing.

    It seems like the problem may be related to our CDN. We’re using Amazon CloudFront and W3 Total Cache on I say this because thumbnails are working fine on, our other blog, which is using the same framework/theme and settings, but using JetPack and Photon for a CDN for images.

    Yep, turned off W3 Total Cache’s CDN, and post thumbnails are working fine again.

    It would be nice to resolve this conflict, as Jetpack/Photon only works for images. Using CloudFront saves us a lot of bandwidth on other files. But we will just leave it off unless/until it’s fixed.

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