• I am attempting to make my own theme now. Currently is about 70% done i reckon… but i guess i need more comments and ideas about it.

    so, tell me if it’s not cool ok, i need opinions…

    check it out at http://www.mossism.net/wp/

    thanx in advanced.

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  • Very cool. Really nicely done. Kudos.

    Couple of minor details.

    * The About link does nothing.

    * Do you really want the LOGIN on the top tab? I think it invites trouble.

    * The navigation links at the top are slightly crowded against the fascinating graphic image in the header. I’d prefer a tad bit more space so they are a little easier to see.

    * The navigation links feature a wonderful font, but the hover is very subtle. This is very cool, but not very “accessible” as it is so subtle. I can’t say I’d change it…just think about it. Maybe make them a little bolder to begin with so the shift between inactive and hover appears slightly more intense. This is merely personal preference and a minor thing.

    * The default font sizes all the way around, especially in the post title, are VERY small. I had to go up two sizes to “see” without strain. I know this is also personal preference, and bloggers tend to favor microscopic fonts, but I’m not a fan of them, even with awesome vision. I stare at this computer screen too many hours a day, don’t expect me to squint at it. Also, not all computers have the highest quality graphics cards. On my husband’s formerly-state-of-the-art laptop (only four years old and was state of the art then), the font is really hard to read because of the size, which is more of a graphics problem than a font problem. I recommend bumping it up a little.

    * Love the color scheme and the shifts in tone. Lovely. And refreshing to see. The links at the bottom for WordPress, et al, are harsh in such a lovely environment. I’d recommend something obvious but toned down to match the overall blissful nature of the color scheme.

    Excellently done. Keep going!

    about link not working cause i’ve yet to write my about page… =(

    as for the rest of the size issue, i am not sure how to fix it. on firefox, everything seems ok, but on IE, everything seems EXTRA BIG!

    anyway, i am still working on it… thanx for the comments!!!

    Check to make sure that in IE you haven’t somehow changed the text size. VIEW > TEXT SIZE and change it to “normal” or “medium”. See if there is a difference there.

    Don’t forget, if you are using em instead of pixels, different browsers will recognize em differently. But usually not by much. And bigger is better…so they say!

    I viewed it in both MSIE and Firefox and it is tiny letters in Firefox. My settings are set for normal – though I do have a high resolution screen. I can’t remember the numbers right off the top of my head but a huge majority of Internet users are now using high resolution screens much bigger than the older 800×600, and the bigger the screen resolution, the smaller the font size…I’ve found.

    I have an interesting test page called Views of a Web Page that is pretty fascinating showing the same web page viewed under a variety of user conditions. I don’t know if it will help, but it does help many see the many ways a way page can be viewed.

    hey, thanx very much!!!

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