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  • I wake up in the morning, and POOF! It’s back at Kubrick. I just upgraded to the latest 2.3.3 this past weekend. And this has happened twice now. I go to the Presentation panel and just change it back to Bluebird 1.0. But my paranoia is getting the best of me, and I wonder if I got hacked. I changed my password, and I’ll do it again.

    But any clues? Thanks.


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  • Just to confirm what your search here no doubt found: If WordPress detects issues with your current theme, it switches to the Default theme.

    So, knowing that, the next logical step may be to check your web server’s error logs and see if you can spot any errors that might relate to the switching.

    Hi there!
    This has happened to me as well, about 5 times in the last 2 days. Since I’m pretty new to all of this – what exactly should I be looking for, and where?

    The theme I had worked fine for about 3 weeks, then something must have changed in the last 2 days. It seems to happen when there’s some sort of traffic spike, maybe there’s a certain page that’s throwing it off? if you want to check it out- if it has the blue default theme, it’s happened yet again!

    Thanks for any further help!

    Update: I found in the error logs that the “advanced admin menus” plugin was causing an error. That is the only error in the log, but it repeated often. I disabled that plugin for now (even though I really like it! Saves me clicks!) and will see if that does the trick – however, I have my doubts, as that is an admin-side plugin, and the theme often resets when I am not even working with the site.

    Any more advice would be very, very welcome!! Thanks again!

    Hmmm. . . . Traffic spike would be about right; I’ve had a significant increase in the last week and half or so. I see errors in my error log, but nothing revealing (to my eye). I don’t have that particular plug-in, FiberBoy, but I s’pose I could eliminate all but the bare minimum.

    Any other clues that you all could give me?


    At this point, “traffic spike” in my case means an extra 50 visitors 😉

    But did you also check your logs? Maybe if you post your error log, we’ll find some common issue.

    Until I disabled the above plugin, my log just continually repeated something about failing to access a directory. And so far, *crosses fingers* my site has not reverted to the default theme since disabling that earlier this morning.

    Woke up this morning and found the theme had again reverted to default… nothing in the error log from my host control panel. Where else can I look, please? Anyone have any ideas?


    Hmmm. . . . I’ve had the biggest traffic ever in the history of my blog today, and no problems. I wonder if it was the WP Mobile plugin. But of course, I’m not sure. Just a hunch.

    Hmmmm good call, I also have that plugin. I will also try disabling it – site looks fine in Opera Mini without it…

    If you have WP Mobile plugin, go back and VERY carefully re-reread the installation instructions. Odds are, you skipped a critical step.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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