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  • Hi

    I have only 3 themes with my wordpress.. the 2 default ones and 3K2Redux which is the one I am using.

    For some reason, I woke up this mroning to check my blog, and it had changed itself back to one of the default ones. I changed it back to K2Redux, and about 20 minutes later my blog switched itself back to the default one.

    any suggestions?


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  • thanks for posting those.

    it is very possible that something is broken in the code..I have done lots of modifications to “theloop.php”

    but now I would have no way of knowing what is causing this. My last host actually had o suspend my account because he said somethign in the php was making unlimited calls to the SQL database.

    I started fresh with a new copy of the theme which i know works elsewhere, made some changes to it again, and now its reverting back to basic theme.

    What If i completely erase the 2 default themes from wordpress directory.. there wont be anything to revert back to.. will that cuase major problems? lol

    is it possible that if a plugin i am using that requires a “cache” directory somewhere could be causing this? I had to move to a new host and set everything up. I may have forgotten the cache directories. I have added them back into the correct spots and am waiting to see what happens now

    It is happening with every single theme i choose, even if it is untouched/unedited.

    I’m honestly NOT sure then, if you said you used a “clean” theme of whatever, and it’s still doing it.. then it *might be* the cache then..

    Try disabling the cache once.. see if that helps..? Anyone else have opinions, suggestions on this one? =)


    Under what conditions does WP revert the theme? Is there a specific criteria? I had this happen once, and only once, and want to ensure it never happens again.

    Hello All

    I had this happen the other day on my site and it happened when I upgraded to the new Tiga theme, when I reverted back to the first version no problems, I also had to redo the proper path for my RSS feed but I dont think that was the problem at all.


    I have the same problem..
    Anyone know if this bug been resolved?


    Another shout in the wilderness…

    Add a third shout?

    I have this problem as well..I renamed my current theme that I made to default and deleted the original default. Not sure how this will play out.

    Sometimes WP makes me go mad. I have set up an extra database, etc. “test” where I experiment before using things for real. My latest experiment is the Fluid Blue theme. I have been working on it for some time now, turned it into something that I wanted, uploaded it on one of the ‘real databases’ only to found out that it looks completely different from the way it came out in the test surroundings. I changed back to classic, removed the new theme, uploaded a ‘clean version’ of the theme (one that I hadn’t worked on myself), but every time I get the shitty layout that is a far cry of my own workings…? I have tried it with Browzar (which cleans up the cache every time you close off) and Firefox (after cleaning cache), but nothing works. The weirdest thing is that Browzar has no problems with the widget sidebar in the test, but puts the sidebar below the page in the ‘real site’. The only difference between the two is that the test runs on 2.2.2 Dutch (also as a test) and the real on 2.2.3 English. Still, with all above, it almost seems as if WP somehow uses a cache of its own, as if it uses settings from old themes, remembers settings of other themes (even after changing) or something.

    Sorry, airhead me. I had overlooked the fact that I used widgets (for the first time) in the test site and ehm… the test site.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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