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    you have a tonne of erros on your site.

    The biggest problem is the google ad you have pasted at the top of the code.

    look at the code on that link, nothing can go above the DOCTYPE

    getting that out of there may get you into your site.

    Nothing meant to be viewed by humans goes above the doctype, or really in the <head></head> section

    the ad needs to go somewhere in the <body> section, after line 134 I believe it was in that validator



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    Start by sorting out the markup errors. Then move onto the CSS errors.

    Thanks guys for the quick response, the google ad is gone and I’m still having the viewing issues… do i need to run these validators and repost the errors? sorry I’m not code-savvy and I’d rather have a quicker fix, if applicable.. are there anymore specifics that could help? I really appreciate your help.

    you still have:


    above your doctype

    that is in the wrong place….it needs gone from there, and moved down a few lines….. line 8 in the validator shows an error, your title and stylesheet are mashed together.

    in your header.php, delete that closing title tag from line one, and move it down to the <title> line. It should go before where <link rel="stylesheet"

    and the line that starts with <link rel="stylesheet" should be a new line

    Done. Thanks Rev, It hasn’t come up yet… I tried switching to another theme as well to see if it would display in the other browsers, but to no avail… I have run the validation and don’t know how to apply the fixes accordingly… If that would solve the issue, I’d need to be pointed in the direction of where to places these fixed lines of code.

    Hey guys just thought I’d update you… there was nothing major wrong with it.. there were some spacing errors in my code in which I removed in the editor and after a short while the site came back.. check it out here Thank you both for your help!!!!!!!!!!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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