My Thematic theme is messing up my design (2 posts)

  1. Mr.Orlando
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello. Months ago i started playing around with wordpress and found thematic theme to suit my needs, started to design it to my own personal liking.

    Didnt finish it, took a long break and have forgotten alot about coding etc. I'm back now to finish what i started, so i downloaded Xampp and wordpress again. I copy'ed the whole wordpress with my design files back when i had to reset my pc and saved it for when i was going to finish it.

    When i finally got Xampp and wordpress going again i wanted to load my customised thematic theme back up. Did that, and some part's of the design were still there while alot was missing, i remember some of the error strings being something with user.php or something? I thought, maybe i had to upgrade wordpress and the thematic theme to make it ok again. but now instead all i got is a blank new thematic theme, without the pictures or anything. i was nearly finished with it back when i was on it for full throttle. I still have the pictures and the .css file which makes it pretty, are someone able to help me with it?

    The pictures folder and .css is everything i need i think, but making it right with the updates and stuff now, i dont know how.

    Someone please help. Thank ALOT!

  2. helgatheviking
    Posted 4 years ago #

    i believe you found your way over to the forums: http://www.thematictheme.com/forums
    if not, post your question there

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