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My Tech Programming Blog [Looking for review]

  • I recently decided to kick off my blogging with the great WordPress. I don’t know how I did as it is my 1st WordPress blog and I tried making my own template to use with it. I want some reviews for it ! I guess you people help me rate my work help me improve it.

    My Website is http://www.devilization.com

    Please let me know if you think it is good to share this template to the community. I am willing to do so but a bit afraid of. 🙂

    Thanx in advance !

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  • Just a thought, you might want to consider having a little more padding incorporated with the font. It just looked like the words were all smashed together and a little hard to read.

    Thank you for suggestion. I just considered using standard padding :). I shall try to make little more padding.
    Should I share it to the community?

    It looks pretty good, especially for computer site. Kind of a old school green feel to it. Id say share it, it cant hurt. Youll get more feedback there too. I was reading your http://www.devilization.com/74-writing-disk-image-to-usb-disk#more-74
    and the link to the download file was dead.

    I may use WordPress as my main homepage too, have you had any issues setting that up or maintaining it?

    Thanks for your suggestion. I certainly going to share it.
    You said that the link was dead, it’s not that actually, I killed it :D.
    The link to the utility is at the end of the article, I thought the reader who will read the whole article will be able to able to find the treasure.
    I had no issues regarding setting up and running it coz i have prior experience with PHP and MySQL. I also own a web-hosting site and depending upon the performance WordPress is going to give I am also planing to use WordPress ad homepage as it makes my task easier to update my site than using static HTML.
    Thanks again.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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