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  • One of the best things about WordPress, is the many plugins that have been developed to provide just about any feature or function you can think of.
    However; all websites are inevitably a ‘work in progress’, and many people find they eventually wind up with more plugins than they would actually like – but can’t bear to do away with the functionality they provide.

    This of course slows down website loading speed – not good for usability and certainly frowned on by the big G.

    The other issue is that some plugins simply WILL NOT play nicely together.

    What to do:
    Use this plugin – that’s what!

    Now I’m not saying this plugin will solve ALL your problems.
    For instance I use Simplemap which while a really great plugin’ is not compatible with Shopp (my ecommerce plugin).

    For some reason Plugin Organizer couldn’t fix this problem, so I had to add some code to my theme’s functions.php file, so THIS plugin only loads on specific pages. See this link for how to use this method.

    But for most other plugins; plugin organizer can be used to disable plugins from loading on pages they are not needed.
    Because I have around 40 plugins; without plugin organizer my homepage Yslow score is around 84 (with APC and W3TC).
    With Plugin Organizer: Yslow: 89-91 Pagespeed: 96.

    Happy Happy Happy!

    The other great thing I just discovered:
    Along with a slick drag-and-drop plugins interface, Jeff’s ‘Plugin Organizer’ gives the ability to (very easily) change the loading order for plugins. Very useful for getting troublesome plugins to play nicely together.
    The default plugin load order is normally saved in your database in alphabetical order.
    But with Plugin Organizer, you will see a new option available under the drop-down tab: ‘Bulk Actions’ – Save plugin load order.

    Just drag and drop to your heart’s content, select ‘Save plugin load order’, then click ‘Apply’.

    Bingo! Saves the new load order to your database!

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