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  • Hey, everyone! I’m an adult entertainer, but the front page of my site is image-safe for work. My site is Curvy Escort[NSFW – your domain name alone could be problematic for some people ] – I’m not super happy with the theme, I worked really hard to make even the colors more in line with what I was looking for, and that’s not even working with my Chrome. Firefox it’s fine, and my friend’s Chrome it’s fine too; but my Chrome it’s the old colors. Looks wonky.

    I’m considering putting in the work necessary to switch to a cleaner, more image heavy, more responsive theme- image heavy is definitely necessary, but it’s just been such a pain in the neck. I installed the Easy Media Gallery plugin, but it’s not easy at all- when I followed the instructions, it gave a little empty node instead of pretty pictures. You’ll see I have a gallery there, but if you click on the pictures it doesn’t enlarge them, it basically takes you to a 404 page. What- why- how- who does that?!

    Anyway, some of the things I’m most interested in are:

    • usability
    • fast-loading
    • social sharing buttons
    • a clean, professional look
    • scrolling image gallery
    • responsiveness

    I’ll probably be switching to a cleaner color scheme and generally opening up the look considerably. The themes I’m considering are customizr, suffusion, canonical, and one I really love is this multipurpose responsive one, but I don’t have the cash on hand for it at the mo. I have html experience and minor css experience from back in the day, so I can muddle about, but more customizable is good.

    I’m doing a photoshoot this week, so I’ll have a boatload of better pictures. I just want to know what I need to do to have the website that’ll be up to snuff. This is my living- I rely on it!

    Thanks, folks. I’m interested to hear what you think.

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