My suggestions and improvements to DMSGuestbook (2 posts)

  1. przyjaciel
    Posted 8 years ago #

    1. Posibility to publish user mail not clickable link like eg.
    user<img src="monkey.gif" alt="A monkey"/>gmail.com
    This prevent before spambots.
    2. Posibility to store more information about user like version of browser, operation system, host name (I think this is better than IP number), and publish it next to user nickname.
    3. Posibility to publish only part of IP number, eg. from show only 66.249.66.* , or part of host name eg. from crawl-66-249-66-12.googlebot.com show *.googlebot.com
    4. Posibility to install and using guestbook without Exec-PHP in any other .php file, not only on page with ID.
    5. Support language in "po" file.

    Thanks for answer to my suggestions and sorry for my English.

  2. DanielSchurter
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    1.) The next version of DMSGuestbook will convert url and email to ascii code. This should be helpfull to make the spammers life harder :-)
    2.) Nice idea...
    3.) Coming soon, maybe in the next version.
    4.) Some person love to write additional information on the page were the guestbook is show. I will to check out a solution.
    5.) Nice idea...

    My english is also horrible :-)


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