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  • I think it’s Spifftastic anyways.

    It’s based on the default theme since it works very nicely. Not an original (in terms of how ‘cool’ it is or what have you) design or layout, but I like it. A lot of people seem to ask “why green?” though. Baffles me, it’s almost like green is universally thought of as evil.

    Okee, well, have at it. I’m gonna go eat now that I’m done starving.

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  • NoelCower, that looks nice 🙂 I like your gradients. Not bad!

    I like it a lot, the colors go together very nicely!

    nice work!

    Yup. Spiffy indeed. 🙂

    very nice, I also liked the statistic at the bottom

    Total hits: 10858 | Unique hits: 1919 | Hits today: 20 | Total hits from you: 1 | Hits from you, today: 1

    how did you do it?

    Heck, I love the green.
    Not so keen on the red and brown with it – but then, I’m a girl, and I can make green girly pretty easily. 😉
    I do like the layout though – pretty um… spifftastic! 🙂

    Why green? (Sorry, just couldn’t resist. 😉 )

    But I like it. You’ve changed the default theme enough to give it its own identity, while still keeping the things that make the default such a good default.

    Thanks, folks!

    ladydelaluna: Yeah, you’re probably right; I know better than to argue with a girl over anything (I always come out the loser somehow..). You definitely aren’t the first girl to say that though. 🙂

    findinforums: Sorry for not answering sooner; I use a plugin called Counterize. It’s easy to use and I don’t have to do anything to make it work (although I had to modify the footer to get the stats to show up there, of course). I don’t know what alternatives there are, but I’ve had no reason to look. 😛

    I think it looks great for being “green”. =) Green is a pretty hard color to get looking nice, well..IMHO that is.. =P Nice work.. =)


    thanks NoelCower, I’ll check the plugin.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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