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    i know it’s nothing much, but i guess i can contribute something.

    i wrote that partly because while i was trying to theme my own blog, i couldn’t find a good article about it and to begin with, i didn’t follow the nightly build-up prior to the official release…

    well, my two cents…

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  • Looks great, and thanks for contributing to the community.

    Couple of things. You have a link to the WordPress Codex article on Using themes but it doesn’t go there. It goes to one of your pages. Might want to fix that, unless that is your intent, but it doesn’t make sense.

    For clarification, the DEFAULT theme is Kubrick and Classic is based on the “old” v1.2 look – sorta. I started my “theme” on Classic and then switched to Kubrick when I found out how many cool things were added in that I wanted and didn’t want to screw around with adding to the Classic.

    When explaining how the files are now divided up into modular parts, you might want to include a link to to help people understand this concept.

    It’s a great start!

    Have you looked at for inspiration? I notice in your bottom comments that you mention getting in and hacking code is a great way to learn, but honestly, a lot of the layout can be done from the CSS and not from actually modifying the HTML structure in WordPress. So many people jump into changing the structure to “force” it to look a specific way, because they are starting out and are thinking the “old” way, when the start happens in the CSS.

    It’s a difficult thing to get across, but that’s the fun of Open Source like WordPress. You get to learn too much and things you didn’t want to learn in the first place while creating something that has instant gradification built into it. A simple REFRESH and you find out immediately if you screwed up or not 😉

    Great work!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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