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    Just installed 3.5 and find that the “My Sites” dropdown is not working on the dashboard. Instead of displaying a list of network sites and links, we get only a list that repeats the name and link to our main site.

    Furthermore, on the wp-admin/network/sites.php page, although all of our subsites are listed, the links all go directly to the main site and main dashboard, not the subsites.


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  • What plugins are you running?

    We’ve got quite a few …
    Akismet, Audio Player, Delete Post Revisions, Jetpack, nginix compatibility, modal dialog, search and replace, Remove /blog slug plugin for wpmu, Simple Lightbox, WP-Email, WP-Print, WP-Page Navi, WP SMTP Config.

    Remove /blog slug plugin for wpmu,

    That would be my first guess, it shouldn’t have worked since 3.4 really.

    We’ve cleaned up our plugins, deactivated some old ones, updated existing ones. Still having this trouble. Any other suggestions?

    nginix compatibility? Maybe… There’s something, and it’s going to be in your main site, that does this. Likely it’s Javascript that causes the dropdown to break.

    I’m experiencing the same problem, even turning off all plugins and reverting to the default theme. I get the Network and Primary blog but none of the subdomain blogs – this is after they appear in “Sites”. So I have 3 Sites but only 1 (primary) listed in the dropdown from My Sites.


    Even though I have the MultiSite User Management plugin running, every new site requires the admin being used to be added to the user list – even the SuperAdmin created when first installing WordPress. After adding my currently logged in admin to each new site, it worked.

    Oddly, there is no option to add the superadmin to the sites you create automatically that I can see.

    thelaw – that’s not a bug.

    Oddly, there is no option to add the superadmin to the sites you create automatically that I can see.

    Cause they don’t need to be.

    A super-admin has access to everything on every blog (which is why you totally limit it to only people you trust with your car). Even without being a per-site admin, they can do what they want.

    Has there been an actual resolution to dboraks problem? I am experiencing the same problem he had, and I can confirm it’s not a javascript issue… I’ve verified by adding debugging code to the WP Core that showed for whatever reason that the wpdb->prefix is incorrect after doing a switch_to_blog function, causing the information we see to be based on the blog that the user is currently using. The description from thelaw does not sound the same as my problem, but dboraks does. This occurred when I moved from 3.4.2 to 3.5.1.

    Art Smith

    I’ve removed all but the W3-Total-Cache. Then I discovered something odd… W3-Total-Cache had always been activated at the individual site level in multi-site in the past, but it was not showing up in my plugin list on my individual sites. Of course, it was NOT network activated. Evidently, this was changed in a recent release and I missed it. So, once I network activated the plugin, suddenly my problem went away!

    Yes, it was a known bug in a W3TC release.

    A known bug … I do wish someone had acknowledged that sooner. Conservativereader – thanks for the tip about W3 Total Cache on this. We were able to get it working.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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