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  • Hi Guys,

    I’m experinecing the same issue as the rest of the people here.

    my desktop version gets 95 on pagespeed in the homepage, and 59 on AMP
    for internal pages i get 74 and 39.
    I turned off my w3cache, did not help I’ve tried other designs on the amp plugin, also didn’t help.
    I’ve turned off all other plugins, also didn’t work.
    I’ve changed the theme, didn’t work.
    Deleted the uploads folder, didnt work
    I’ve installed it on another site of mine with a few posts – got a high score.
    I’ve deleted the posts on the staging site, and thats it, got a 85 score on pagespeed.

    my conclusion – amp for wp dosent support over a 100 posts…

    can anyone tell me how to fix this issue? or its not possible?

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    That’s REALLY interesting…

    on the process i ruined my staging, but hey, maybe I’m on to something

    Developer igxact



    This is my website URL

    Site speed on gtmetrix is fine
    But here its worst

    please let me know how Can I fix this.


    Sir I am also facing the same problem my desktop speed is superbly fine but, my amp version speed is very slow
    You may check my website URL
    I am using cloudflare , I tried with cache plugin also but all in vain. So I removed it.
    Please sir look the matter

    Since I began using AMP Cache my AMP pages load in under a second.

    When I work on my menus I have to remember to deactivate it, or it takes a really long time for the changes to take effect… by “long time” I mean 5 minutes or so.

    I love AMP Cache…

    I also use Cloudflare. 🙂

    Can you give link of AMP cache, it want to test it with my site, thanks n regards

    AMP cache is an extension you pay for…
    You can read about it on this page:



    A responsive theme on mobile getting high score avg of 60.
    Desktop would be 80-90

    But why a amp page gets low score.

    Reason: server -php- core -php amp plugin generates page- server response time always more than 500ms for dynamic sites.
    No caching for amp.

    But none amp page
    cached with fastcgi full page cache. Optimized render blocking sources,
    No third party resources for just, css, fonts,

    Amp version
    No caching
    Google fonts delay (avg above 50% request s remaining fast, why they provide super fast for free, but they do fast).
    We can host locally, or remove fonts on amp.
    Amp is are not render blocking.

    Tried cached version fast cgi amp pages

    But the ttfb,fcp,fmp, speed index, ttfb are slow.

    So problem is in your code or amp architecture. (I am not tried other plugins, or Need to wait few months /years to fix these kind if issues. Beta testing ruined my business.

    Why don’t amp for wp devolpers do a test and write a blog post. So most people benefit from it.

Viewing 9 replies - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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