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  • Ok I’m not going to panic. :-/ My blog site won’t come up.

    My admin login won’t even come up.

    I think the last change I made was to upgrade to 2.9.2 a few days ago but I have gone in to edit and create a new post since then.

    Please help. Please?


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  • no need to panic….even if you have to fully reinstall WP your stuff is safe.

    did you make any other changes? Especially to the url in settings-> general?

    No. No other changes. When I go to my FTP I see everything still there.

    same problem with my site too

    its internal server 500 error

    dont know what to do and i wasted all time here but didnt got a answer

    OK, so basic beginning tests….

    rename the theme you are using in FTP, that’ll reset you to default theme

    rename plugins folder by ftp, that’ll kill all plugins

    hopefully one of those lets you in

    after that, reupload core WP files manually (wp-includes and wp-admin folders, not wp-content, your uploads go there)

    I renamed the theme but It didn’t automatically switch over to the default. And renaming the plugins folder just gave me the error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function require_if_theme_supports() in /home1/accountname/public_html/highroadism/wp-settings.php on line 720

    Ah yes… if you rename the plugins folder you have to create an empty folder called plugins in wp-content. WordPress needs to see that, otherwise it’ll give an error.

    Same goes for your themes folder. I recommend only renaming the theme your’re actually using so that the default theme can be called.

    Should that folder be empty. Because I’m still getting the same error message.

    My wp admin login and site are gonzo too. And when I try to login to bluehost, that fails as well. Hmmm.

    The login to Bluehost has been spotty over the last few days as well. But at least I can get to the Cpanel.

    If worse comes to worse I’ll start rebuilding a new installation. I was hoping to get an answer from the forum though.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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