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  • Hello!

    About two days I see that my site (adult) was hacked, I see a lot viruses at my site header and index file.

    I started everything from 0: new database, very strong new passwords (more than 20 characters), I imported my site xml version and I installed the better wp security and I activated the all features, and wp firewall, everything OK.

    Today my site was hacked again!!!

    How? The hacker come from my hosting? It possible that the xml imported file contain a backdoor?

    At my wp security I see that after some bad logins today somebody was changed a lot of files from wp-admin. I use the last version of wordpress.

    Please help me if you have some time, how can I secure my site?


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  • esmi


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    I imported my site xml version

    Did you check each and every one of the media files you were importing into the site? See

    Hello! I can’t find any malicious code in the xml file.

    Is it possible that the main problem is my site theme? I use a the free wp tube 4.0 theme. How can I check this theme for vulnerabilities?


    Thanks MickeyRoush, I will try the checker! About the wordfence I already installed, but do you think that wordfence is better than better wp security?

    @ nsanyi23

    They’re two different applications. So you’re mileage may vary since they offer different features. I just suggested WordFence so that you may be able to utilize it’s scanning features.

    To tell you the truth I use neither. I don’t need Better WP Security, because I can implement .htaccess rules without a plugin and I use ZBBlock which allows me to have my own signatures. But I’ve noticed a lot of users are happy with WordFence.

    Thanks MickeyRoush for your great support!


    I want to install ZBBlock, but can I use with WordFence at same time?

    Also can you give me more informations how can I implement .htaccess rules to make my site more secure?


    If you want to make your site safer with .htaccess try Bulletproof Security. So far so good. Support is prompt and always helpful. They know their stuff well.

    The plugin will take some time learning how to use, especially if you are new to htaccess or wordpress. But after some time you will like it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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