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    I was following advice on this site about removing the “Continue Reading” text by pasting in some code into the functions.php file. Now the site appears as a black white page with () at the top left corner! You can view the site as it appears now at

    Can someone send me the original code for the functions.php file in Simple Catch theme? I will paste that in and start over again.

    If you also have the proper instructions for removing the continue reading text without deleting your entire site in the process, that would be most appreciated!

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  • Just download a copy of the theme to your local computer and then upload the functions.php file via FTP to your site. That should fix the problem.

    Also, be aware that you should be using a Child Theme to make any changes – it’s not recommended to make any changes to theme files — they will get overwritten when the theme is updated.

    I’ve never used FTP with WordPress. I’ve always done the browser-based changes. How do I FTP? Many thanks!

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Ask your FTP credentials from your hosting organisation, then use some FTP software like FileZilla to connect (using your credentials) to your webserver. You can then retrieve your functions.php file.

    I am logged in to my FTP account on the hosting website. What folder should I upload the replacement functions.php file to?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Following WPYogi’s instructions, your functions.php file should be within this directory;


    I downloaded the latest version of Simple Catch, then uploaded the functions.php file to the folder location Andrew noted. However, the site is STILL blank, except for the two parentheses () in the upper left-hand corner.

    Still from FTP, try deactivating that theme by changing the name on the theme folder – then WP should default to the default theme and let you login again.

    It’s explained in here too:

    Using WPyogi’s link, I learned how to rename the theme and was able to log in to the dashboard (thank you WPyogi!). But the site still is blank when I go to view it. The link advises me to “run some code” to find out what went wrong. How do I run that code?

    First change to another theme. Then delete the old theme and reinstall it. Now change back to the old theme. That is what I would do. You may have reasons for not wanting to do that though. I cant think of any but it may necessitate modding the theme again to how you had it before you made the mistake

    There are two other themes installed right now. So to switch themes, I just change the designation in my dashboard? Thanks Latka!

    One more question: To delete the old theme, should I just delete it from Windows Explorer, or is there a better method? Thank you.

    I just delete it from Windows Explorer

    Don’t know what that means, but perhaps the easiest is to go back to FTP and delete the folder with that theme name.

    WPyogi, it worked! I installed a new theme, switched to that one, and then deleted Simple Catch theme. I like the new one, so may stay with it, rather than revert to Simple Catch. Thank you, everyone who chimed in with helpful advice!!!

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Really good work here, Jalen01, WPyogi and Latka 🙂

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