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  • I’m making a site that lists hand made cards like wedding invitations, Greeting cards etc. I’d like to know the best way of categorising the different types of cards and how to filter and display them. There will be less than 150 cards over all categories.

    Each Card can be categorised by 3 different attributes.

    • Card Occasion (Wedding, birthday etc)
    • Card Type (eg. Invite, RSVP slip, Greeting Card, Thank you, Save the Date
    • Card Style (eg. Floral-12, Elegant-6. You can have a wedding invite in Floral-12 as well as a greeting card in floral-12.)

    The cards will be filtered via these pages:
    Page 1. Card Occasion Index
    Lists All Card occasions (wedding, birthday etc).

    Page 2. Clicking a card occasion takes you to a page with a list of all styles for that card occasion.

    Page 3. Clicking a style takes you to a page that lists all Cards that from the chosen style and occasion (Choosing Weddings->Elegant-6 will show RSVP, save the date, and Invite in the Elegant-6 style).

    My attempt
    I made a Custom Post Type (invitation) and 3 custom Taxonomies (card_style, card_type, card_occasion)

    • For page (1.) I made a new Page and gave it a custom template that had php code to list all card occasions.
    • For page (2.) I made taxonomy-card_occasion.php that lists the terms in card_styles and links them to
    • For page (3.) I’m kind of stuck. I need custom code and design for this page in order to display the invites, but if I make a taxonomy-card_style.php it doesn’t get used.

    Is this approach correct? It seems like all 3 pages are similar and should have a similar solution, but I’m doing all 3 different. My code re-use is poor and this method does not seem to allow for future flexibility. (maybe i want to filter by card_type one day) Where should I generate page (3.) ?

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