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  • Hi everyone,

    All my problems are in the title, my site sends wrong variables to PayPal and my clients can’t make payment for a couple of days.

    I’ve had a reply from PayPal and they say it sends them:

    instead of


    What file generates these variables?
    I’ve modified nothing on my site last weeks and don’t know how it occurred…

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  • wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-merchants/paypal-standard.merchant.php the relevant code is round about lines 285 to 345. Susprised you are having problems – this gateway code is very widely used. And shipping_1 and shipping2_1 have been part of the Paypal API for a long time. Check your paypal settings.

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    Thank you whitelamp for your reply.
    The day after I wrote the post, all has got back to normal, and I don’t know why and how… I’ll check my PayPal setting.

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    I’m reviving this thread because my problem hasn’t resolved.
    Indeed, I’ve got a warning from PayPal which says “your integration is transmitting wrong data to PayPal via some of your payment buttons”.
    I contacted WP e-commerce support but they replied that no one had reported this issue and my problem couldn’t come from the plugin and that it’s because of the “old version” on my site (but these lines are exactly the same in the latest version!).

    It could be these lines which define wrong parameters?

    				} else {
    					$paypal_vars['item_name_'.$i] = __( "Your Shopping Cart", 'wpsc' );
    					$paypal_vars['amount_'.$i] = $this->convert( $this->cart_data['total_price'] ) - $this->convert( $this->cart_data['base_shipping'] );
    					$paypal_vars['quantity_'.$i] = 1;
    					$paypal_vars['shipping_'.$i] = 0;
    					$paypal_vars['shipping2_'.$i] = 0;
    					$paypal_vars['handling_'.$i] = 0;

    (I sell downloadable products, so no shipping)

    Thank you for your help!

    What version numbers are you running then (wp-e-commerce, wordpress itself, gold cart if installed)?

    Have you checked your paypal settings? There’s a lot of people using the paypal gateway without any problems!

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    Are you talking about the PayPal settings on PayPal website in Store setting?

    BTW, my installation is a little old, since they have changed licencing policy.
    WP 4.2.10
    WPEC 3.9.3
    Gold Cart 2.9.8

    WordPress now on 4.6.1; wpec 3.11.4; GC 2.9.10. What’s stopping you upgrading wordpress and wpec? All this software is licensed under the GPL. The Gold Cart “license” is for support and updates.

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