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    I’ve been through several of the very helpful posts in this forum, but can’t seem to find the answer to my current situation.

    I did the fatal “change the url” mistake … but apparently I’m pretty quick… because I managed to change it back and I am able to still access my Admin panel for WP. The problem that I have is that all of my work is gone. It reset the entire site back to the initial install defaults 🙁 and no, I didn’t have any backups… it was a new site that I spent about 20 hours on this weekend and was just finishing it off. Hadn’t got to the backup stage… I was actually trying to stop the site from being “live” because it wasn’t quite ready for public launch yet.

    Anyways – despite the hows and they whys of my screwup…. it still leaves me with a site that is no longer 99% finished…. it’s completely reset back to the defaults and all my pages and customizations are gone:

    I’ve been into my directory and have managed to find that the images that I had uploaded over this weekend are still buried in the background somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find any files with my page names yet (still looking).

    So – I can access my wp-login and I can access my CPanel and phpmyadmin…. please can someone tell me if there will be any possible way of restoring all the work I did this weekend without a formal backup?

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  • Did you try contacting your hosting service? Sometimes they will have a back up of your site. Not sure what else to say, unless you had some copy on your computer that you saved in a word program instead of typing everything in Word Press. Hopefully you bookmarked any off site links you wanted on the site. Easier going through the bookmarks than having to dig everything back up.

    Otherwise an expensive lesson to always back up everything in 15 minute to a half hour intervals as you go along. It depends on how much I get done. I learned back in my college years with three hours of composing and typing a paper, and the power goes out. Didn’t save anything. Didn’t have anything written down or printed except my notes.

    If you have to rebuild again, this time it should be a little faster since you already know what to do to customize everything you want. You already found your images. That is a plus. You already know what you want to say, and where to put things. This time it might turn out even a little better the second time around.

    Trying to cheer you up a little. Good luck. Remember to back up frequently.



    Yes hard lesson learned…. the really sad part is that I should absolutely know better lol. I appreciate your effort to cheer me up. 🙂

    Being Sunday night I didn’t try to contact my hosting service & I’m one of the those impatient people, so I just went ahead and rebuilt it.

    But you’re absolutely right – it was WAY faster to rebuild the second time and I did fix a few things along the way. I’m fairly new to WordPress so spent a lot of extra time “learning on the go” (apparently a bit more time on that side of it than I had realized lol) – which obviously I didn’t have to redo (thank god lol)… So my initial panic wasn’t all that bad in the end.

    But figured this post and the resulting responses could still be helpful to others.

    I must say that I agree with others in this forum though that WordPress really should do something about that little error being so damned easy. I had no clue that changing the URL info under “Settings” could possibly do what it did – there really should be warnings on it.

    Doh well – hopefully some people will see stuff like this “before” they’ve made the error.

    Thank you for responding!

    You are welcome. Glad it cheered you up instead of doing the oppsite. 🙂 I was a little afraid of that after I posted.

    It took me years to learn not to panic even when things seem to be crashing down on your head and going wrong. Worry and panic is in my nature. The big guy is helping me overcome that even now.

    I’m on a major learning curve also. I haven’t made a back up yet. I’m still messing around before switching 75+ pages over to WP. Right now all pages are on my computer. It is going to be so easy to export to my computer than what I’m currently doing. When I start doing that, I’ll be saving.

    I’m glad to hear everything was much easier for you the second time around.

    You are right, they should have a warning. I would think changing the URL is one thing and wouldn’t require a total reset. Changing hosting companies definitely would.

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