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  • Hi Guys,

    This is my 1st site for a friend of mine, I barely new how to do an anchor link 10 days ago, and with a little help from Trey, I’ve managed to produce this from scratch.

    My site

    I’m no designer as you can see !

    Apart from the text fonts/colors which I need to change, is there anything which springs to mind which is incorrect ??

    Many Thanks – Much Appreciated

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  • Top half looks promising. After that it gets a bit messy. Stick to one font. Remove bold and italics except for very important info.

    If possible, create some columns or distinct rows or add some navigation at the top so I can find my way around the site easier.

    Great first project, Paco. Al the best.

    David Trounce
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    Hi David,

    Thanks, Yeah I forgot to say that I know I’ve got to change text colors and fonts so they are more stable.

    Could you give me an example of what you mean regarding “create some columns or distinct rows or add some navigation at the top”

    I know it could be a lot more clearer, but like I said I knew nothing around 10 days ago.

    Many Thanks for your help I really appreciate it !!

    I mean try and separate the information in to clear sections, each with thE same size, style, font and layout.

    “Bromsgrove Roofers have over 25 years roofing experience and can offer a wide range of roofing services.”


    paragraph goes here. [image goes here]

    paragraph goes here. [image goes here]

    paragraph goes here. [image goes here]

    paragraph goes here. [image goes here]

    paragraph goes here. [image goes here]

    You’re getting there Paco! Keep it up! 🙂


    Cheers guys,

    I’ve changed the fonts now it looks more clearer, I understand what you mean about separate information.

    I’ve spent a lot of time studying seo already I can see a some nice early results which is very pleasing,

    Thanks for your support guys it is much appreciated.

    Good. Quick tip. Only underline links (if anything), not regular text. Also, keep regualr paragraph font colour the same (except for headings or sub headings).

    Some places you have grey paragraph font, some places black.


    wow! i liked it! liked ur slideshow 🙂 am looking forward to replace my slider> with urs 😛 lol 🙂
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    I would suggest signing up for CloudFlare or Incapsula (both free services), as well as installing a caching plugin such as QuickCache or Super Cache.

    Keep on learning. Look around at other examples for layout/design ideas. Good start.

    Hey ,

    I would like to suggest you some points on your website :-

    1. the above bar on which you have various tabs should be of one line.

    2.Try to add some contact us or basics about your website in home page make it look attractive try adding right or left or both bars ..which is below present when u modify page .

    well hope to listen from you soon.


    =>Agree with anika,should be just one line

    Below Menu
    => Find different icons for the 3 different paragraphs. Maybe with different colors also, to help differentiate

    Last Paragraph (Our Roofers have over 25 years…)
    => Find a way to highlight the structure for this part (maybe some rounded box around it)
    => I would also add a picture right of the text, for example a roofer in action on a roof.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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