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  • I have been developing my site locally and have attempted to upload this to the server by ftp. Now when I look at my domain, I see only the theme which I was working from, without showing the content which I had put in.
    I am sure that my files and images etc have all been uploaded, but they are not being read. Can you help me please?

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  • Hi chris_winn01,
    You say you upload your site using ftp, when you build a site some of your options and images are saved in the database so you need to transfer thatone too, have a look at this tutorial for more info:

    Thanks jnhghy,
    So do I need to run the search replace tool in order for my site to show?

    When you say I need to transfer the database, I am not sure which files (held locally) I would need to transfer.

    So you can check in the wordpress insatalation folder, on your local machne the wp_config.php file to see what database you are using, then you need to export that database and import it to your online server, are you using any sql tool? like phpmyadmin?on your local machine? depanding on your operating system on local you can also make a sql dump file that you can use to import data on the online server, what os are you using on your local machine? and do you have any sql tools?

    From the wp_config.php file I can see that the database I am using on localhost is ‘wordpress’. I am working on Windows 7 and I am using phpmyadmin. I can see on phpmyadmin how I would import a database, but am currently unable to locate the ‘wordpress’ database on my local machine.

    Interesting, what databases do you see in phpmyadmin?or waht info do you have in this one, we need to export your database or tables using phpmyadmin.

    Ok, I can see where my ‘wordpress’ database files are held locally. In phpmyadmin I see a database of a different name which contains 11 fields. This was created when I installed WordPress to the server

    ok, on your local machine do you also use phpmyadmin?if not can you install?do you have shell access to the server or only ftp?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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