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  • My name is Nick Momrik and my site is I was lucky enough to come across Matt’s site when I was searching for blogging software (around November 2003), so WordPress is the only thing I’ve ever used. I LOVE IT!!!
    I blog about technology, sports, movies, my life, and whatever else runs through my brain.

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  • Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Nick writes some cool hacks.

    Yeah he does. 😉 I’m glad you stumbled upon WP, Nick!

    A good site to go to and definitely interesting 😉

    I’ve redesigned my site. The old design and layout was beginning to get old on my eyes. Please take a look and let me know what you think…
    Anything you see wrong…don’t like…think is good…like a lot…or anything.
    I’m open to all suggestions and comments. Thanks!

    Most of those wonderful hacks that Matt mentioned have just been changed to Plugins for 1.2! 🙂
    I would have had them done sooner, but I was working on my site redesign.

    Nice site. I have a few things to add:
    The horizontal top menu, along with the header that says “MtDewVirus” are aligned absolutely to the right of the browser window. This problem becomes apparent when viewing it full screen on a 17″ monitor at 1280×1024 and viewing it on a much smaller scale such as 640×480 (not sure exactly). So, the menu and the header align to the far right even when full screen.
    Since it appears you’re using absolute CSS positioning, I would suggest using the min-width property to get the desired effect of having it aligned in the proper place, perpendicular to and flush with the vertical menu.
    The body post text seems a tad too small, maybe increasing it by 10% might help.
    All in all a very nice design.

    The header and top menu are right aligned by design and move as the browser size changes. It works at 800×600 and anything larger. If someone is using something smaller than 800×600, well…that is their choice. I don’t know many sites that accomodate 640×480 anymore.
    I’ve had the suggestion from someone else about the text being too small also. I saw small text on another site and liked it so I decided to try it, but I may have to change it to be one step larger.

    No. I am sorry this won’t do. You have already batted off this complaint once but at 17 inches or so the layout disintegrates in FF at least. I have great respect for what you do and would not want you to continue unaware of how your site is rendering in other viewports.

    I’m using FF and I tested it at 1280×1024 and it looked as it should. What do you see?

    Just looked again in FF (and IE6…don’t have access to other browsers right now) from 800×600 up to 1280×1024. The header and menu are all the way to the right of the browser window (by design). Is that what you see as a problem?

    Forgive me. That is a design feature. I understand it now. I obviously do not have your creative eye. No offence was intended but if it had been broke I am sure you would have wanted to know.;)

    Thanks! If nothing else…it’s different, right? 😉 I decided to come up with something new instead of following the mainstream of always having the header and menu centered or left justified. I’m just waiting for a revolution to start now…haha!

    The ‘Home’ and ‘Archives’ tabs are unclickable in Firefox at 1024 x 768 and lower (there’s another element floating about the sidebar which prevents you from using any of the links directly above it). Otherwise it’s a great piece of work.

    Ah…yes, looks like my container is overlapping the menu. I’ll have to fix that. Thanks!

    I’ve added two new color schemes to the design. You can switch styles on the Main tab of the sidebar.
    All C&C welcome!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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