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  • i logged in using firefox to edit some things on my site, i then tried to access the site on safari to check if the changes took effect and i saw that they didnt.

    i thought it might be a safari thing but i tested my theory by logging out of my account on firefox and reloading the site. surprisingly once i logged out the site looked exactly the way it does on safari. all my updates are missing.

    if i login again and view my site while logged in then all the changes are back on.

    does it take some time for the changes to take effect for the public version of the website? i thought updates were instant

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  • also in firefox (When logged in) everything looks as it should but when viewing in safari all my blog content is shifted to the right and overlaps with the content in my widget bar…

    i noticed if im logged out of admin regardless of whether i am in firefox or safari everything is shifted to the right….also certain updates are missing

    once im logged in as admin everything looks fine.

    its very strange
    . pls help

    any help? i think its related to the default WP super cache plugin..

    What’s the site? What should it look like to a public user?

    Yes! I am having the same problem. Someone please help. – notice the weird code at the top. It appeared out of nowhere. I haven’t made any changes and it just showed up. It looks this way to the public, but when I’m logged in, everything looks like it’s supposed to.

    Any ideas?

    fhmayor – please start your own thread. It’s unlikely that your issue is actually the same and this thread belongs to someone else.

    WP Super Cache has a setting: “Don’t cache pages for known users.” If you are seeing something different when logged in (cached) vs. when logged out (not cached), go ahead and delete the site’s cache so everyone’s on the same page. I have found the admin ‘delete cache’ doesn’t clean out all the files, so typically will ftp to /wp-content/cache/supercache/ and remove all the files manually. Once the files are gone, all will look as it should no matter if you’re logged in or not.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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