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  • Hi~ I have my site up and running, but it loads extremely slow on my computer, so slow that I sometimes get a kill page from Google. My tech guy came today and verified that everything is working correctly with my computer and internet. I am able to visit other sites with no problems. When he pinged my site, it showed 100% loss and received 0 packets back and said timed out. When other sites were pinged, they worked fine and other people don’t seem to have an issue getting onto my site. (I can also get on it from my ipad and phone without much problem.) I also contacted my hosting company and no problems were detected and they were not able to replicate the slow loading. I am new to having a self-hosted site and am excited to start posting but am barely able to work on my site because of the slow loading. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I would first confirm what others are telling you — that the problem does not exist with the site — by checking your site’s loading profile on a site like (there are other good sites for this too.)

    Thank you for that advice. I ran it and page speed is 85% (B), YSLow grade is 72% (C) and page load time is 6.9 seconds. For the areas that are red, would you suggest I Google those items and attempt to fix them? Would these things be part of the problem? Or based on these results does it seem that the problem would lie elsewhere? Thank you!

    Although 6.9 seconds is slow, it probably doesn’t explain why you are not able to bring it up on your PC. Before you try to improve site speed, it sounds like you have a puzzling local problem to solve. The next logical step is probably check your local internet provider’s speed with a tool like this: then (if too slow) follow up with them. Doesn’t really sound like a WordPress issue.

    That site loads up just fine for me and I don’t see any timeouts on ping either.

    Technically, ping isn’t a very good tool to check connectivity issues since ICMP packets might be blocked at the isp/host level.

    Coming to your question, my guess would be that its a problem with your ISP or one of the routers/ISPs in between.

    Try a traceroute from your desktop to your site.

    traceroute <your site>

    And analyse that result. It might give you some more info on where exactly are your packets dropping.

    You could also trying using an alternative DNS server but if the problem is routing, your ISP will have to setup you up with a different route and they’ll have to fix it on their end.

    Hi – I’m having slow loading problems with my site both front and back end.
    Is there something I should change or plug-in? I’m not tech savvy with websites so please explain in layman’s terms.


    @markaitken: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    I’d like to post my own topic but where do I do this? I followed your link and it gives lots of advice but no clue as to how you actually start a topic.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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