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  • I’m working on a new site and it was running fine. At this point I have no installed plugins and minimal images. The only thing I can think of is a YouTube video I embeded yesterday that might have been large. I deleted the video and the site is still running slow. My Dashboard is running slow as well. I have tested it on Firefox and Chrome, as well as on another computer (on a completely different network) and it still runs slow.

    Any thoughts?

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  • First disable all plugins and switch to the default theme .
    A good practice is to use a Cache plugin .
    WP Super Cache” is the most popular , another option is “W3 Total Cache
    Tell us the results .
    ps A link to the site ????

    I don’t have any plugins installed, except for WP Super Cache, which I just installed and enabled. It’s still running slow. I have switched it back to my preferred theme, since that didn’t make a difference.


    Is your WordPress installation locally (development) or on a hosting server ?
    A link ???
    It’s hosted on (not my idea, I prefer Godaddy). Actually seems to be running a little better now, but not ideal.

    Are you sure this is a WordPress link ????
    Anyway ,on my computer (with Chrome ) the loading was made in one second .

    When I’m logged in, it seems to still be running slow. I had a friend try it on Firefox and she said it still takes a while to load. I did see get it to load (not logged in) quickly on Chrome. I’d like to make sure it works correctly on multiple browsers.

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    @joliemarie: is not a wordpress site. What is your wordpress site URL?

    Loads fairly quick in Chrome for me. For big images there is often a lot of extraneous data packaged with them that can make them load slower and also mess up color information when they are displayed by the browsers canvas engine — I use to get my images web-ready as its a nice little tool. I’m sure you could find one for PC too.

    Also I noticed that some of your scripts in the header lack a $j(document).ready(function() when loading the JavaScript slider on your homepage. This can slow down your apparent loading time by making those JavaScript elements wait until after the rest of the page is loaded to start loading themselves.

    The load time is 1.7sec , that’s acceptable (FF and Chrome ).
    My blog loads in 3.2sec 🙂 .

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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