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  • Update: I have now noticed that it is only on my computer that my entire site has been blocked out. On other computers it still appears normal. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    I cleared my cache and it’s still happening.

    See your .htaccess file, and try to replace it with a backup of your .htaccess from yesterday.



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    it is only on my computer that my entire site has been blocked out.

    That sounds like your browser has been hijacked – not your site.

    use a different ip address to access your site.

    If it’s still blocked then it’s your browser that has been hacked.

    Uninstall your browser and install chrome. then install ghostery and notscripts.

    Stay away from pornographic or hacked software sites.

    All done. No more hacked browsers.

    Thanks guys for the responses.

    The Hack Repair Guy: Unfortunately I’m a real newbie to this and I haven’t backed up my site! Not sure where I could access a backup of it.

    I have now established that it may actually my browser that has been hacked as I am able to access my site from other devices, connections and PageWash.

    The strange thing is that it is only my wordpress site that has been affected, so I’m guessing that it is the IP address that has been hacked as all other webpages are viewing fine.

    It is occurring on both Internet Explorer and Chrome on my comp. I believe it may be something called ad.yieldmanager that has attached itself to my site but still have no idea how to get rid of this.

    All that seems to be out there is a bunch of scammy scanning programs.

    Any ideas would be great.

    It does sound a lot more like your computer has been compromised than anything else.

    Have you run a number antivirus or antimalware software checks on your computer yet?

    Yes I believe so too, however the problems only occur when I am trying to access my wordpress site. I can access all other sites perfectly.

    I have only run windows security check, which found nothing and tried to d/l other removal tools, which have been full of bugs and spam things.

    Are there any good programs you can recommend?… This really seems like a hard one to fix!

    Sure there are:

    Download from this site. Don’t try to download antiviruses from their official sites when you are already infected. You’ll end up downloading another virus.

    Finally check your hosts file:


    Finally make sure your DNS is set to automatic or use openDNS:

    I’m not sure this is the best place for wordpress help. Also check the .htaccess file of your server to make sure you friends aren’t playing a prank on you.

    Sorry meant virus help ^^

    Thanks for the suggestions. I had to enlist the help of a professional who fixed it in 2 minutes. Not sure exactly what he did, but he changed something within a file, so perhaps it’s what you suggested above.


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