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  • I created a site about a year ago. I was very active for a time, but over the last five months I have stopped using it. Recently I started receiving multiple email notifications/day that I need to ‘approve a comment’…the comments are obviously spam. I went to my website ( and found that indeed there is spam in multiple places throughout the site, including one page that I never created called ‘new songs coming soon.’

    I tried to login using my password and username but my password no longer worked. Then I tried to request my password be sent to me but the email address registered to the account (and the email address which receives the emails asking for me to ‘approve comment’) but when I entered in that email wordpress said there was no record of an account associated with this email…even though I am getting about 20 emails/day requesting me to approve spam comments.

    So now I have no way of getting into my site to stop this spam or even delete the site! I had to create a new account simply to post on this forum!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me…I can’t stand that people are spamming me on my own site and locking me out of it!

    Thank you.

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  • If you have access to your web host, just remove the wordpress install by first backing up the directories so that you can restore at a later date. If you have access to your database, or know a tech savvy person, they can updated the password and email address directly via the database.

    But be careful.

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