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    I’m just curious if there is a virus or something? Is anyone else experiencing this? I’ve not added any new plug-ins or anything, I simply get a 504 Gateway Time-out error message for both my url address and my admin page. I’ve contacted my host, and they said it was something I did – but I’ve done nothing to it all day, aside from trying to put up a post, which would not load.

    I have no idea how to get back up and running, without access to my admin page. My theme is Asteria Lite, and the only strange thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve gotten several spam messages today, on my email address for my website, from Better WP Security, saying that there have been changes to files on my site. Could that plug-in be the cause?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    If anyone needs it, my url is

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    Ask your host why the 504 is occurring. Your error_log file may explain it.

    This static page works so the web server is alright.

    But this times out.

    Which makes me think that your web server’s PHP interpreter is breaking.

    bipolar me


    Thanks so much for your reply. I’ll pass that info on to my host, and see what they have to say.



    Is your host BlueHost by chance? I received an email from this morning about something to upgrade or else it would be done automatically and I would have downtime. I tried logging into my site and Google Chrome says it can’t find it. No idea.

    bipolar me


    No, my host is MediaTemple. They tell me it’s something that I did, but I don’t know what that would be. I’m sorry you’re having trouble too. It is so frustrating.



    My host is BlueHost. I’ve just opened a new site here this morning, from MojoMarketplace, and while it started off fine, the minute I uploaded Photocrati for my theme, it froze WordPress and now I can’t even get my admin page to load.

    Any further thoughts?


    Evan Herman



    I would start up your own thread to have someone help you resolve your issue as it differs from the OP here.


    Evan Herman



    I run a site off bluehost. I believe that email was in regards to upgrading PHP versions, and that if you did not manually do it yourself they would roll it over for you. It shouldn’t cause any major issues.




    Looks like BlueHost is having problems – I cannot access their site either

    Evan Herman


    I’ve been running Bluehost for a little over a year now. I use this site first when I’m not sure whats going on. It comes in handy for us bluehosters

    Is Bluehost Down Right Now?



    @atomicnumber3 – have you tried deactivating your plugins by renaming the plugins folder and renaming your theme – to force WP to use a default theme?

    bipolar me


    Yes, I renamed the plug-in folder, but it didn’t fix anything.

    I’m having my host rename my theme right now, but I highly doubt it’s the theme now, from what I understand.

    I just don’t understand how simply typing my post on my computer – and doing absolutely nothing else – would cause a fatal error like this. As it is right now, my host is telling me I have to start all over. In my mind though, I would rather figure out what caused the error so I never repeat it again. It just makes no sense to me at all. I was literally typing my post one minute. When I was ready to preview it, I hit the “Preview” button, and it wouldn’t load – and from then on, my site was gone.



    My site is down as well, I posted this problem and not gettign any reply from p support either,I dont know who should I ask now about this.Its been whole day now.

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