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  1. LaurieTSP
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    i received the following info from my webhost but I've no idea how to go about this! Can anyone help!

    It is likely your website has been 'hacked', most probably as the result of a weak FTP password. I would recommend republishing your entire site, over-writing all page with a clean copy; this should then erase the code which has been injected into your pages. Please make sure to upgrade your applications to the newest versions.

    In addition, you should immediately change your password through the control panel for the account. You should choose a 'strong' password, which includes upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters such as hyphens, and is at least eight characters long. Our suggestion when you change your password that you use a Strong Password Generator (I suggested using this website: http://strongpasswordgenerator.com/) This will help reduce the chance of this happening again.

    Unfortunately our technical support can offer very limited support or insight as to how a site is getting hacked. One company we do endorse that specializes in website security is SiteLock (http://www.sitelock.com).

  2. esmi
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  3. The Hack Repair Guy
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    I know this can get quite technical, but really it's not that crazy hard to work through.

    Alright, so your host is saying they believe your FTP password was hacked. So that's an easy one. Just log into your control panel and change your:

    - control panel password
    - website FTP password
    - password to all email accounts

    If not sure how, just call the host and have them walk you through each.

    Ok next, with that done it's time to check your site.

    Lots of great free tools out there can help, like the links above, though I always recommend to my clients first ask the host if they have a backup from prior to your being hacked.

    If no backup, then you could always start over and use this a lesson to remember to keep a backup of your website at least every few months in future, and/or use one of the many free daily backup plugins to do so.

    If you have the ability to hire someone to help a quick search in Google will turn up lots of folks.

    Sadly, there is no quick and easy to fix for a hacked website situation. A hacked site will require someone go through every file, clear out the hacks, and ensure all is locked down nicely to help prevent your site from being hacked again.

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