• I’m working on a new website/solution here, it’s almost done. When trying to use this plugin, it started to ask for a password on the homepage of my website. Even if I’m using my admin account, it was in a loop and the site just stopped working.
    So, the first thing I did was to disable the plugin. The problem still remains. Then I deleted the plugin. The problem still remains.
    I didn’t install ANY other plugin in my working site at the same time, nothing else was new. Just this one.
    I had a backup from the day before – all I was going to lose was the work I had that morning (pages adjustments, translations, things like that). Before reinstalling the backup, I tried to search for the plugin name and the developer name inside the database and inside the files, and I did the same with function names I’d found reading the plugin code.
    Even without the plugin anymore (disabled and removed), it was my surprise that I could find entries inside my database, like the function name and the developer name. As I told you, I had a backup, so I removed the lines to see what was going to happen and the site got live again. I mean, I found database remains of the plugin even after uninstalling the plugin and only after deleting it my website got back.
    I comprehend that the plugin maybe work in old WP versions but what I’m telling you here is that my system and everything is running and updated, and everything was working like a charm, and after this plugin I went in a big trouble. I work with WP for almost 14 years and it was the first time ever I had a problem like that.
    So at this time, without screenshots or live demo with the most up-to-date WP version running, I’m not going to give it a try again.

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  • LOOKS like this keeps getting removed, on how to fix this issue and remove the plugin. TO REMOVE THE PLUGIN AND MAKE YOUR SITE WORK:

    Go to your database panel, like phpMyAdmin. Select your database and remove these entries on yourdb_options:


    Go back to your database and search for the word Tomas, select all the tables or just the “yourdb_options” again. It will give you some entry (just one entry) like this:


    You can also remove it, and your site is back.



    * About “LOOKS like this keeps getting removed, on how to fix this issue and remove the plugin”
    One forum moderator said your topic is “it’s just back forth tirade and not a request for support”, and he removed your topic
    Another forum moderator said your last review is not a review, it’s a rant and this part pushed it over the line, so he archive your review
    We did nothing 🙂

    * Just like we said a few times, if you really have this problem, please contact us, we give our contact URL a few times, but we did not get your help request, and we still waitng for your help request 🙂

    * If you check our site, you will find we are using new wordpress version, not ” old WP versions”, you will find we are use the plugin too and our plugin works well, also you can see there are more than 2000 sites using our plugin, they are working well too, if the plugin cannot work, why there are 2000 sites using the plugin? 🙂

    * If you uninstall the plugin, all codes removed from your site, how the plugin can redirect your site? Any developer will tell you this is impossible 🙂

    * Many plugins will save settings option in wp_option table, we have many options in plugin back end too, if you have deactivated the plugin or removed codes from your site, these options record can not redirect your site at all, any developer will tell you this is impossible, you said you are wordpress expert and you read our codes already, then you know this is impossible at all 🙂

    * But just like we have said a few times, do not tell common users to delete database directly, I had to say again, this is a bad suggestion, in general, users have no this kind of skill, delete records from database is danger for common users, also if you have deleted codes from your site, no matter you delete any records from database or not, nothing changed on your site. If your site come back, that’s means you have other kinds of problem. As an expert, I believe experts should give common users safe method to solve the problem, not tell users delete database, that’s danger, at least, if you request users to delete database, before this, you should request users do a full backup via wordpress backup plugins, or do a full backup in cpanel… and so on, safe is the most important thing in this area, if users follow your suggestion to delete database, any error will caused many years hard work lost and might cannot restore forever, your suggestion is bad to users, I am sorry to say this directly, in general, we do not say something with this style, but you are tell my users to delete database, that’s might caused their users data and digit-asset lost forever, After we tell you this, you changed some of your story again, or use other account to repeat some of your story again, but that is not important, the important thing is, if you want to give other guys a suggestion, you should based on the truth and based on kindness, your current suggestion might hurt other users, I had to tell users this is danger, I feel sorry I had to say this directly. 🙂

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