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  • I’m sick of doing stuff to it because I get tired of how it looks within a day. I have a CSS rotation going if you look at the entry titled “Collection of style sheets cascading” you can try them out and comment on your favorite.
    I like reading what I have written and it would be just great if you did too. It would also be great you hated it because that’s better than ignoring my existence.

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  • I went and looked, so you aren’t being ignored, at least. 😉
    Why does the style called “rightmenu” actually have the menu on the left? I like it, though. I also liked the one with the pumpkins at the top.
    I just added two more style sheets to my WP blog — now I have eight. If you want to compare CSS, the page is at The list of different CSS themes is in the menu bar.

    The current style is by far the best, IMO, although I like the floatingcalendar style too.
    Just one question: Where is the menu in the floatingcalendar and simple styles? I can’t seem to locate it…
    litlnemo: purplemosaic is beautiful. Go with that one, it’s much prettier than the starry one you have as default now.

    I got rid of the menu in both the floatingcalendar and the simple style. Don’t waste your time trying to locate it; it’s unlocateable.

    I think it was floating calendar that I saw the pumpkins in. Incidentally, when I load the site the default style and the “simple” style appear exactly the same. (In both Safari and Mozilla.) Is that how it is supposed to be?
    Oisin, thanks. I actually have purplemosaic slightly hidden. You can access it from a browser that lets you choose from all available styles (like Mozilla) but it’s not shown in the list of themes on the page itself. That’s because it has been superseded by dreamylilac. It was based on the Dots style by Alex King, and I thought the mosaic graphic made it too obvious. 😉 I also tweaked it slightly more in the dreamylilac version, subtle changes here and there.
    I am thinking of submitting purplemosaic to Alex’s template archive, though.

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