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  • hello anyone,

    i am wrestling my way through making my own website by reconstructing the default theme. I know this might be complicated, but it is a way for me to find out how existing themes are built. Now, there is two things that remain impossible for me to solve.

    1. the layout does not seem to respond to newly made divs, no matter how many times I update. I wanted to put the whole page in a wrapper to have the background design vertically filled out a 100%. I put a # called wrapper in the css, then an opening tag in header.php (right after the body tag), close tag in the footer.php (right before the body close tag). The layout does not respond to it at all, as if it doesn’t exist.

    2. The sidebar floates around as if there are no divs at all. Sure, I made it absolute to have some liberty of moving it around, but now it doesn’t care about anything anymore exept the body….darn thing. It’s solved by making it float right or left, but then it gets stuck to a postition where don’t really want it to be.

    as you can probably notice, I am at a loss here. I have made many websites with dreamweaver, ut never have I met such a challenge up to so far..

    feel free to look at the mess I have got myself into (-;

    and many great thanks if you can solve this problem

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  • allright, I have solved the first problem by giving the div a position, when turned to relative it is suddenly recognised. The only problem is that that the min-height:100%; still doesn’t work….so I’m not exactly much further )-;

    by the way, this was the way my sidebar problem is fixed. It is being a good boy since it can be moved around as an absolute div in the relative ‘wrapper’ div. Still leaves open the question of why the site won’t respond to the min-height tag

    mmm, feel like I’m talking to myself here…Well, hope there is someone who can have some use for my rambling…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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