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  • Help, it is this newbie again. There was some stuff on my sidebar and now it has moved to the bottom of my blog. Wierd things have been happening (probably my fault) but I don’t know why.

    Here is my page

    Do you know why these things have moved? Can you help me get them back where they belong?



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  • try float right for nav (sidebar) instead of float left.

    Thanks for your reply. Where would I find the area to change this?

    your style sheet

    I’m sorry….I am feeling incredibly stupid but I have no idea what a style sheet is. I just went through all my options and don’t see that name. SBC Yahoo automatically installed this software. Do you think it is different software than if I had installed it from the WordPress website?

    Can you direct me…if I am at the dashboard…where do I go from there?

    tada…I think I found the style sheet under theme editor. But I scrolled through the syle sheet and there is no mention of the side bar.

    But the interesting thing is that everything was on the right of my blog to begin with.

    ok…under theme editor I also have a document called “side bar”. Should I make a change in here? I don’t see a reference to float right or left. Caould you tell me exactly what I should type and where it should go?

    In your theme’s css it is referred to as ‘menu’.

    May need to address these css errors:

    Oh my…this is way to complicated for me. I just picked a theme. I didn’t realize there would be all these complications and I would need to be a programmer. I may have to reconsider and go to a more basic blog program.

    But thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

    Good luck!

    I figured out how to float right instead of left but all that did was float it to the right but still at the bottom of the page.

    I do not have the knowledge to start messing with the programming of the pages so I have emailed the creator of the theme and maybe she can help me resolve this.

    If you look at your last post (Freebieā€¦) in single view, the sidebar breaks. If you look at the previous (Digi Scrap…) post in single view it works. So.. there is most likely an error in the content of your freebie post. looking at the source code it looks like you have an extra <div> or a missing </div> in that post.

    [Edit: looks like it is the <div align="center"> which either needs removing or closing.]

    Thank you Ian…you are brilliant. That was it. Although it took me a bit to fix it. When I went to edit the post, I couldn’t figure out how to edit the source code. If I clicked on the html box I just got a blank screen. I ended up deleting the contents of my post and re-entering them. I’m sure there is a way to edit the source code but I think I will leave well enough alone for a couple of days and when I am fresh spend some time reading all the great material at the wordpress site.

    But I sooooo appreciate you helping to sleuth down my problem.

    Thanks again.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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