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  • Spent a few days getting this great plugin working and am passing along my learning.

    I have a domain, which is my main WP URL.
    I have a shared SSL site on, entered in the plugin host field.
    Easy enough.

    1. Logout wouldn’t work until I changed my COOKIE_DOMAIN to the SSL domain. You do this in wp-config.php. By writing all cookies on the secure domain, logout can always reach them.

    2. If your theme uses home_url() to create your home page links, then you might get incorrectly formed home links on an SSL page. Iow, it will turn into which of course won’t work. This is a WordPress problem. Home_url uses is_ssl() to determine whether to start with https. It does have force options, but the default will break your site home links on SSL pages.

    It’s a great plugin, and an even greater author who stepped up to help make this very complex problem manageable.


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