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  • Hi, i just switch my wordpress on a private server on host, which is on debian and let me have 512 mo ram.

    My Database has 8000 posts, and more than 10 000 comments. My wp_post table weight is 125mo.

    I have no problem on the website, everything is working fine, but when im in the wp-admin, after 1 or 2 or 3 clicks there is a memorylimit that make crash my server.. Only in the admin, that what is strange, anypage i click on.. So it looks like there is something on every admin page that make high memory use..

    If someone have any ideas of the problem, of course it will help me 😉

    Thank you


    WordPress FR 2.8.4
    Plugins : (even if desactivating em all, it still crash, but it impact the database weight )
    – wpSEO
    – YARPP
    – WP-Stats
    – Akismet
    – Vipers video
    – Internal Link Building
    – wp-polls
    – .html on pages
    – role manager

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    Try increasing the memory for PHP and WordPress by putting this line in your wp-config.php file:

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

    thanks for helping 😉

    I already did.. No changes ! the fact is that the server crash, i have no php error..
    The strangest is that on the front it really works fine, but in the back it always crash due to memory use..

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    Talk to your host; sounds like you need to bump up to a higher grade server.

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    Might also optimize your database and delete old revisions to bring the size down:

    I’ve had exactly the same problem, with the same results.

    I consistently clean out the database to make sure it’s not loading (or auto-loading) anything it shouldn’t be and there aren’t orphaned entries kicking around. Also, I run WP Super Cache. I’ve moved the install to a VPS with 512mb RAM and it’s the only site on the server, and it still crashes. I can’t keep the site up for longer than 24 hours without a server restart. My site doesn’t typically get more than 30k visitors per month, so I know it’s not a matter of traffic itself bringing the server down–a lot more popular sites running on smaller servers seem to do just fine.

    This has been a problem for me for the better part of a year now, I’ve tried everything I could think of to try. I’ve checked with my hosting providers and they’re stumped too.

    I’m losing visitor loyalty, credibility, Alexa and Technorati rankings and advertising revenue the longer this problem persists. (Ad revenue has dropped 50% and my Alexa rank has gone down 40k.) Not to mention the wasted time trying to troubleshoot this issue.

    At this point, I’m clearly extremely frustrated and at my wit’s end. Any suggestions for things I haven’t tried yet would be greatly appreciated. I’m really sick of this. (And I apologize for the tone–I’m simultaneously trying to vent frustration and find a solution, heh.)

    Hopefully someone knows what the heck is going on here, because I sure don’t.

    Hello, I have the same problem, you have managed to solve it?

    I have a dedicated server where there are 12 sites, I decided to convert one with WP, and after 3 months has started me down the server.

    I spent the last week to continually restart the server, yesterday I decided to disable the site in wp to allow other sites to function.

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