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  • Emil Uzelac


    I would start with:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    This is generated by /scripts-gzip/ plugin. I can name few things wrong with this “picture” and starting by the wrong place where the plugin is inserting scripts. Deactivate this plugin and try again.

    There’s also something else as well. If for instance I don’t type any search and simply hit on go button where “Search” text is already in the field, this page comes up where you have the same problem.

    Now on “ocarina” example do you see the printed message in top left corner as well?

    // search search-no-results col-2-right fixed browser-chrome”>

    Another thing, try looking at the view source on regular pages and go back to problem pages, you will see that the plugin “destroys” every possible link around.

    I’ve disabled the plugin, the problem’s still there :/

    Emil Uzelac


    let me check now 🙂

    Emil Uzelac


    Now your JS files look in order, however whatever detects the browsers in theme doesn’t load properly.

    For example take a look at this class in your body, javascripts is being loaded in.

    <body class="   <script type="text/javascript">

    it should be i.e.

    <body class="search search-results col-2-right fixed browser-ie">

    It’s either one of other plugins in conflict, or gzip needs to be deleted completely and/or this is theme bug. From my end I can show you where to look for the issue.

    I’ve disabled all the plugins I think could possibly cause it, any ideas apart from disabling all the plugins to check or trying a different theme?

    Emil Uzelac


    Was there an update to theme? if yes try that first. Honestly I am not sure what else you can try to this. The last suggestion is switching back to default WordPress theme and try the search feature from there. If all is ok, than the theme is buggy.

    We ruled out all possible, plugins and JS. I do see in jquery.mystique.js that there’s something that does browser detection. However I can’t debug it from here.

    I’ve done a bit of searching, and it seems that Mystique had issues with embedded code in search results due to some poorly coded highlighting. I’ll probably go with an alternative search plugin for now, but thanks for your help 🙂

    I’ve done some investigating, and discovered what causes the problem, so hopefully this will be of use to someone to narrow down what the problem is, the error occurs when searching for a word or phrase that occurs right at the start of a longish (sorry for not being able to be more specific) post title, that appears as the most relevant result. For example,
    Any ideas why this would be? I’ve done some searching, and apparently the search page of Mystique is less than ideally coded.
    My search.php is at if you want to have a look.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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