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  • All I can say is thank you to the developers of this plugin, really. There’s a paid version out there but this plugin (WP Customer Reviews) has the potential for leading the OpenSource race in this area of WordPress review plugins.

    So far WP Customer Reviews seems to have everything we need except for one small tiny detail that is of the utmost importance and will put WP Customer Reviews up and over the hill – that being, giving us the ability to rate businesses too.

    In the same way as a product can be rated on the post page, it would be uber fantastic if a post could be published about a business and within that post page, the ability to set a ratings for that business too!

    You can go even further (please) and somehow allow us to create a page where businesses can submit their business information and once approved by the admin, etc etc a page is created that is ready to take a Business Review – please??

    Lastly, even in the most recent update which was moment ago I’m seeing there is still a problem with the Submit button that opens the form. Once the “Hide Form” button is display and clicked to close the form it still says “hide form”.

    Thank you so much for being a group of people who take your users suggestions – great – and that button was my suggestion but I’d like to revise my request to even make the button disappear after clicking it to open the form cause there’s no real reason for the user to close it…right? 🙂

    Other than that, once the plugin is totally is revised to such an extent I promise to write a few articles about it, cross post those articles and all link to this open source and awesome reviews pluginWP Customer Reviews.

    Thanks developers!!!

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  • Plugin Author Aaron Queen


    Glad you like the plugin.

    I like the idea of business reviews, just like product reviews.

    As far as making a directory of businesses — that is a bit more advanced. I don’t want to venture too far away from the plugin’s main intent, but it’s a very interesting suggestion that I will look into.

    2.1.8 has just been released to fix the “button text” issue. I’ll keep it showing for now, because some people like to see it slide up and down because it’s fun (including me!).

    I’ll check on the business reviews as it should be as simple as the product reviews but just have to make some changes to make it work, and to make it migrate to the new behavior automatically for existing users.

    Great suggestions.. We’ll try to slow down the releases as we have plenty of other work to do, but wanted to get this plugin fully functional and with the most suggested features before we took a little break.

    Oh don’t worry about slowing down releases, I think we all like seeing the updates in the dashboard! I know I do… :))

    OK I do understand there must be some serious complexity involved in adding the business part of it but seeing you’re just as interested is perfect!

    Regarding the button, maybe a time will come when we can set our own image (image-path) as the button to click to open the review box AND a checkbox that either sets the review form to display automatically or with the button…

    Anyways bompus, thank you all big time and ya do take a break, we’re doing good here with the current version as it – it’s perfectly functional at this time and ya, there are quite a few nice options now…


    I’ll second the vote for an option to display the form automatically. People are used to seeing the wordpress comment form staring them in the face…ready and waiting for their input. But this suggestion can certainly wait.

    I agree with morestar that the plugin is perfectly functional at this time.

    Well I’m not too concerned about automatically as when the page fills up with reviews the option to display it at the top or bottom combined with displaying it automatically OR with the button would be good…

    But for conversion marketing purposes, I would even prefer to be able to set that the button doesn’t display again after it is open so there’s a higher chance they’ll fill out the form and a lower chance that they’ll close it ! 🙂

    Hi folks!

    Count me in as another who’s enjoying this plugin. I’m looking to “showcase” my very first review site too.

    I’d like to offer some suggestions…or even some challenges (he he) for the author:

    1. Allow users to customize by creating a drop-down box and input names or categories. When someone makes a review of a service provider, s/he can just click the drop-down box to select the company if listed.

    2. I actually like the rating stars, so I also suggest…well…adding more fields. Like rate a service provider according to price, support, etc.

    Of course, #2 is likely harder to do. But thought I’d toss it here. 🙂


    This plugin is awesome. I want to cast my vote for giving us the ability to rate businesses too. That would be HIGHLY appreciated. Any chance that is still being considered?


    Yes its a great pluginin, but there are much thinks that can be added in the futher. So the plugin can be the best ever.
    I mean. custom fields with dropdown menu.
    more star ratingings. like service, handling, delivery, and so on.
    Widget with random reviews
    dashboard info by new reviews
    mail opt. in to check if this real person and real email
    and some other features.

    But hey, its great now but it has the power to get the best one

    wishes from germany and sorry for my bad english.



    The plug in is great.

    It could have an improvement. I translated the available messages for qTranslate, the issue is that several fields (name, email etc.) seem hard coded so I cannot change them from i.e.




    therefore I cannot have a multilingual review.

    This would be easily fixed by making all the fields “strings” being editable.

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