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  • This is just my opinion after using this tool in depth for 3 months.

    The good:
    – Fast as all hell once configured

    The bad
    – Hard to configure
    – Hard to maintain
    – Hard to support
    – Glitchy
    – Temperamental

    I recently uninstalled it from my high traffic site and went back to Wp Supercache.

    I had to uninstall, then install and uninstall a couple of times because of it’s temperamental nature.

    WP Supercache is fine and fast too but it’s more of a stress free plugin.

    If you have a website where you need to focus on content, WP Supercache is the one for you. If you want bleeding edge performance and are willing to keep an eye on server configuration all the time – W3TC is for you.

    I think that this plugin is waaay too much hassle for the average website owner. It’s more for people who have dedicated technical resources or the time and interest.

    Just my 10 cents.

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  • What is hard to maintain about it? Just curious as I’m using it and haven’t touched it for a couple of months. Not sure if I’m not doing something I should be doing.

    It’s just very temperamental because of all the settings.

    You need to know exactly what applies to your server configuration. In my experience it’s actually more important to know what to leave OFF than to leave on.

    My concern would be more that the plugin is almost a year old, and is “compatible” only up to 3.2.1

    I think I will stick with WP Supercache and a cdn.

    Is WP supercache working for you? I tried it again a few days ago and it seems to have problems with preloading cache?

    Or maybe it’s just me.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Is there a support question in here somewhere?

    the title of the thread was this person REVIEW of your plugin.

    I had to totally agree as I’d used W3 TC for months and then it just had one issue after another. If you’ve got a site that you don’t do a lot to, it’s fine, but if you’ve got a very high traffic site that can’t afford stoppages due to issues that can happen, WP Super Cache is the safer bet.

    Just the face that W3TC hasn’t been updates since late last year, and while it’s been said that an update is coming soon, I had to finally just uninstall it after getting so many server errors on my dedicated server. It’s sad since I spent a good 5 hours doing trial and error with the plugin only to have it work for just a few months before all the issues kept cropping up. The big one was Minify and not knowing that suddenly it just wan’t working properly until my site went down.

    I don’t think Ammalgam was saying anything negative, it’s just that when there’s a plugin that can really make changes to your site, you want to know that it’s going to get updated when WP gets updated. So far WP Super Cache has continually updated with each new version of WP and I’m hoping whever the new version of W3TC hits, it will be one to really last the long haul again.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Unfortunately, this continuous comparison of WPSC and W3TC is just pointless. The two projects are perhaps in the same category, but have completely different ambitions and require completely different amounts of effort.

    If folks will just submit bug reports instead of spending 5h working through things we can work together to solve the larger problem that W3TC addresses together. Making software for WordPress that works with the file system and solves an enterprise class problem is never going to get any easier unless there were just one web host out there for every site on the web and everyone used the same themes and set of plugins.

    So thanks for trying W3TC. Maybe you will try it again.

    Let me respond by saying that I have to take my foot out of my mouth and apologize to Frederick and the W3TC crew.

    The source of my problem (it turned out) was my theme. W3TC can’t be expected to work well with everything in the universe and it’s easy to assume that it’s the software when serious glitches occur.

    I am man enough to fess up when I am wrong.

    To the casual reader, I still stand by what I said. It’s a steep learning curve but when you finally get it, you get it. The hardest parts of learning to use W3TC (to me) are Minify, Object and DB cache.

    Minify sometimes breaks things that have to be manually fixed.
    DB and Object cache may slow your site down if you dont need them.

    Used with PHP Warmer (, this cache plugin is the BEST.

    Once again, I was wrong about the cause of my problems.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Appreciated. I really wish people would stop worry about blame and being wrong. This is a community and let’s just find the bugs and kill ’em. We can’t all write all of the libraries, packages etc individually. So let’s just keep cracking on with finding the darn bugs and not expecting any one person to get it all right.

    I tried W3 Total Cache with CDN only and it crashed my site and it made downtime so horrible. I’m using amazon cloud cdn. I’m not sure what went wrong. I’m better off without having any custom cache plugin actually and my site runs fine. In my experience with wordpress, the less plugins you have the better. W3 Total Cache does look like a powerful plugin but it may take sometime to actually configure it with your server.

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