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  1. ranessirhc
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I think my original thread was deleted for some reason?

    Maybe someone thought it was spam. However, I think a quality logo might something that many people with a website/blog powered by wordpress would be very interested in. I'm terrible at art so I thought I'd give gotlogos.com a try and let everyone know about my experience.

    Here's the note I sent them with my order:

    "Looking at my website won't be of much help. It's a bit of a mess right now.

    Here's what I'm looking for...

    I would like for this inspiring logo to include: my name "Chris Ranes",
    my web address "www.myfitnesswithchris.com", and also the words "Certified Personal Trainer".

    I'm a personal trainer-- mainly with female clients, but also men (including a few professional athletes, and an occasional celebrity, or Hawaiian Princess).

    I'd like to totally avoid the newer style "fitness stick figures" with my logo.

    I'm a very competitive person. I'm highly technical, and fairly aggressive in my training style, but not overbearing. I'm very approachable and easy to understand."

    Here's the logo they sent me:


    I'm a rank "Beginner" at both marketing design, and creative art. However, I understand that design for marketing and design to satisfy my personal appeal are completely different things.

    As far as logo design goes, I thought they did a pretty good job. I think the logo looks a little plain and perhaps unexciting because I asked for it to do too many different things. It's better than anything I could have put together and it'll do for now.

    I have to give a thumbs up. $25 for logo design is dirt cheap--about half of what I charge for a 1 hour personal training session. I'd have taken hours, maybe days to come up with something.

    The process was easy. I submitted my form and payment via their website and received my logo attached in an email in the time they specified. I was given a confirmation that my order was received and an estimated completion date. It was actually the morning after they estimated it would be, but not a huge deal. After all, it was an estimation.

    I might try another one and ask for exciting and daring--unless some bored, creative soul out there wants to give it a shot for me? =)

    I'm curious to hear your opinion...

  2. Bodhipaksa
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I'd agree it's not an exciting logo. A similar option is 99designs.com, where designers compete for your work. I plan to use the site soon.

  3. Doozie Mom
    Posted 8 years ago #

    If you are interested, I do freelance graphics. If you view the samples on my site, you can get an idea of my style of logo design. The logo you purchased is clean, but canned. For me, it does not convey "Personal Trainer." It is possible to have a clean, crisp logo that is also inspiring and communicates who you are.

    My business site is http://www.decaldivas.com

  4. bountiehunter
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Ill be honest, it sucks. Thats just being real it looks really cheap, i can do the same thing in under 2 minutes using photoshop. Its not as much as a logo as it is writing ur name and putting a squigly line though it, members on free forums can probably make u much better ones that this if u ask them and its free 2. If ur happy with it fine, but as this logo goes u got ripped off. I wouldent accept this if it was given 2 me for free.

  5. krembo99
    Posted 8 years ago #

    all what I am about to write now is ment to be constructive criticism and with no disrespect what so ever.

    I find the design boring an unimmaginitive.
    It tell me NOTHING of what you described above about yourself.Nada.
    At first glance it looked (to me) like a marine - related company (yacht engineers ???)
    It lack all the dynamics that I would expect from someone who is dealing with sports.
    The typography is dull, and the strange kerning at the bottom does not help either.
    A good thing to do when examine a logo is to think how it would look ONLY IN ONE COLOR (black) . this is how it would look on faxes, stationary, and the company's rubber stamp (for example)
    Yours would be un-readable becasue of the wave interaction with the letters.

    hope it helps. and again, no offense intended..

  6. aabbbiee
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I had a great experience at 99designs, but it is much more expensive than what you've described. The cost is $139 to post a contest and offer the minimum prize.

    However, I loved so many of the logos that were submitted to my contest. I picked the winner to be the logo for my photography site, and worked out a deal with another designer for a logo for my personal blog (it just didn't work for my photo site).
    the winning design
    the other tweaked design

    However, you have to put in some effort with rating and feedback for the designs. But I thought it was really awesome and I recommend it.

  7. gotlogos
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hello- I am Daniel from http://www.Gotlogos.com and was the designer of this logo. I feel Chris got a very good, clean and professional treatment for his brand considering he directed us not to use typical style fitness figures in this logo and to basically make it a text treatment.

    Some of the comments that followed were fair and some were harsh as is the nature of the Internet where everyone had an opinion and are not shy to offer their 2 cents worth.

    Chris we appreciated your business and for $25.00, no matter what some of the naysayer type say, you did receive something you can work with well.

    Please also remember that Chris had the option if he chose to have further tweaks done to this logo at only 10.00 per subsequent round.

    A logo doesn't always have to have figures/icons in it (as Chris seemed to indicate he did not wish, he wanted soemthing more low-key) to be brandable and as a matter of fact, most recignizeable brands out there ARE simply text treatments. I could look at the Microsoft logo and say, hey I ocul dhave doen that in two minutes in Photoshop. What is the point of that? Many of us can look at any concept and monkey it all day long. If that is what works for ethe client adn it is clean an dprofessional then it will reflect well on the brand.

  8. Bodhipaksa
    Posted 8 years ago #

    So, so far everyone is a "naysayer" apart from the designer, who (not surprisingly) thinks it's a great design. There seems to be a lack of "yeasayers".

    gotlogos -- I think you do yourself a disservice by trying to dismiss the criticisms that people have made. That kind of feedback is invaluable if you want to aspire to be anything but a hack.

    I've already said it's a dull and clunky logo. I'll elaborate. You've used three fonts in one logo. That's at least one too many. The wavy line doesn't relate in my mind to sports or fitness at all. It does seem vaguely nautical. Maybe Chris teaches rowing?

    The wavy line starts off "hilly" and then flattens out towards the end. Perhaps this is symbolic of how you'll feel after a session with Chris?

    The font for "Chris Ranes" is spiky. Is that a comment on his personality? Is he cruel to his students?

    But I should really address Chris himself rather than the designer, since he's the one that would be using this logo. Are these the associations you want to brand yourself with, Chris?

    99designs (or some other designer) might cost $100 bucks more, but you'd get a far better design. Do you want your website to say "I can't afford to pay $100 for a decent design?" Or "I cut corners and am shoddy"? Or do you want your website to say, "I am thorough and pay attention to detail".

    To the designer: if you don't like this or any other criticism: tough. You're not the one who has to live with your logo.

    To Chris: drop this guy. His attitude sucks.

  9. gotlogos
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Haecceity - Because I defended my design, my attitude sucks. Who is actually sucking here...why don't you try something other than being a typical e-punk.

    WE gave a good effort for Chris and his gut reaction is he liked it. When you put out a call for critique, on the net, you normally get a confluence of naysayers and negativism.

    As much as you say the font isnt appropriate we can say it puts Chris in light as a down-to-business trainer, as he described himself. Chris asked for basically a text treatment including all the elements we worked in. He asked for one design. If he would have asked for two and paid for each (total of 2 designs) then he would have had two different looks to choose from.

    Many clients do that and many say, "Let's try one and if it doesn't work we will give further direction and get a different look".

    My advice Chris is just don't listen exclusively to those you tell you others' attitudes suck with no provocation. Dude, you are ugh-worthy.

    *GotLogos.com has been featured in Wired Magazine, NY Times, Lifehacker, Boing Boing, Print Magazine and newspapers all over the world. Our designs have been nominated blindly, several times, in SINGLE contests. Our designs are being used in some of the largest sites on the net today who have the budgets to hire much costlier design services, despite our remarkable affordability.

  10. Bodhipaksa
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Gotlogos: It's because you're totally dismissive of criticism and over-estimate your own ability as a designer that your attitude sucks. Good luck with your business. You'll need it.

  11. gotlogos
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Haecceity - we really do value any input, even this. But we just feel some of it can be overly snarky.

    Our business services are popular, we do well. Since 2000 we have done over 30,000 designs and almost all our business is word of mouth generated.

  12. planethiphoptv
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I like the logo...i think it works: its basic and clean. The color is pleasant on the eyes.

  13. krembo99
    Posted 8 years ago #


    When you put out a call for critique, on the net, you normally get a confluence of naysayers and negativism.

    this is sooo untrue ...
    Usually I see more positive feedbacks on bad works than bad feedback on brilliant work.
    I think it just depends on the overall level of expectations, based on personal standards of the person who looks at the work, and the ones who created it.
    Bottom line is this :
    If you are happy with your design and feel completly good with it, than ignore what everyone said here (including me).
    But if you have some professional integrity , and by that I mean that you are willing to accept some citic (from potential clients of your client I might add), than you might want to put your design to some other "field tests" before convincing your client that your product is the perfect one for him.

  14. StrangeAttractor
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Personally, I think for $25, you got a pretty good deal. It may not be the greatest logo in the world, but it's clean and professional looking, and fine for your business as a personal trainer. Really comes down to if *you* like it.

    If you were a large company launching a product, you would probably not be satisfied with this logo. But you'd also be willing to spend a lot of money developing a logo -- logo development can be a long process, involving looking at many variations, and with many different considerations.

    But for a guy in his own business, especially a business where client word-of-mouth is very important, I think your logo looks fine -- it doesn't look "home made" or amateurish, and you only paid $25 for it. At that price, you could have them do 4 or 5 of them and choose from the lot.

    Why don't you ask some of your clients and trainers what they think? They are your audience. And the best way to do it is make them give their first impressions right off the bat without thinking about it. Don't ask them to critique it, because then they will (of course) be critical. Just try to see what their immediate impression is.

  15. Bodhipaksa
    Posted 8 years ago #

    this is sooo untrue ...

    Absolutely, especially on the forums here, where people are generally frank with both their reservations and their praise when it comes to evaluating designs.

  16. deuced
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hey ranessirhc, i think that u got a nice proffessional logo dirt cheap.

    One big mistake that most ppl do when they hire a designer, is to guide him to what THEY have in mind, instead of letting him/her free to design.
    Personally I dont like the "nautical" logo style and colors, the wavy line could be in a different color emphasizing the name, but, on the other hand, if you have a website in such colors and/or use such a style elsewhere then it would perfectly match.

    It's a matter of aesthetics. I don't even like microsoft logos! But that logo doesn't seem amateurish or cheap, as StrangeAttractor just said.

  17. oddb
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I like the logo, especially for $25, except for the pointy R. The wavy line looks like a woman lying on her side to me and so might be better for a masseur or a chiropractor, but I still think it's ok for a personal trainer, especially one with lots of female clients.

    From reading this thread I think that the design resulted from incomplete communication between the parties. I don't think you can blame either party more than the other.


  18. elevatingyourbusiness
    Posted 8 years ago #

    You could have done better. I don't know why people take the most important part of their marketing -- the most important collaterial -- their logo and have it made cheaply.

    My designer costs and with good reason. She has my business plan, vision of my companies future, my ideal clientp profile, etc. etc. Now that's just a little of what a good designer asked for and uses in their process.

  19. krembo99
    Posted 8 years ago #

    @ oddb

    I like the logo, especially for $25

    You have to try and think of the logo REGARDLESS of it's cost.
    People who will see that in a a random place would not know the cost (or would they... ??!!)
    If the logo is nice or not should have no relation to it's actual cost.

  20. gotlogos
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Thanks to those who provide an alt view of the logo. To be honest, we are also pre-judged on our efforts as soon as someone says it cost 25.00. It works both ways.

    We are often assailed by those in traditional design services who have an obvious grind against us. The thing is we do not compete for their clients...most people who may buy our affordable designs simply could not have budgeted into low or high 3-4 figures.

    Also, when we design something it is in an ala carte business model. Meaning if they want to 'tweak', it only runs 10.00 for a revision round. We offer discounts on two of our packages for brand new follow-up designs. So even if they have an extra design or two created we are still very affordable for them. I will say that about 80-85 percent of our clients are satisfied with their first iteration.

  21. Webmeba
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Ok my turn to have a say on this :) !

    Personally I don't know much about logo design. But I can say a few things.

    1) Every good logo has a meaning
    2) Every good logo is easy to remember
    3) Every good logo is easily associated to/with its meaning

    The logo provided doesn't fit into any of these categories.

    1) It has has some sort of a meaning, "Chris Ranes" Personal trainer etc. but this meaning is not conveyed design-wise (which incidentally, is the point of any good logo)

    2) How do we remember things? We associate them with a meaning, a cause, an image, or an experience. Does this logo have any of that? No.

    3) Nothing much to say here since it doesn't have much meaning.

    Now I know you could go arguing that this logo cost only $25. But hey, I just proved you wrong, it's a bad logo, it won't help him, and he lost 25$ to you.

    Judging by your previous replies I don't think you take criticism lightly. But hey, before you go and bash be with your post and declare me an e-punk, remember that by commenting on your logo i am trying to help you.

    Oh just as an interesting fact, Carolyn Davidson designed the now famous Nike "swoosh" logo for $35.

  22. Ivovic
    Posted 8 years ago #

    wow "proved you wrong..."

    you can't get a good dinner for $25, but you can certainly eat for $25... he got a logo for $25, did he get a good one? no, the Gordon Ramsay of logo design this guy aint.

    Your swoosh argument is a strawman. We can argue all day about how stupid Carolyn was, or we could sit here trying to find your "meaning" in that one, or we could just agree that it wasn't Carolyn that made the swoosh = nike, it was the several hundred million (or more) in advertising dollars which built the association in your mind.

    Again, bullshit designed to lead us away from the point and tie us up in irrelevant stuff = strawman.


    lets put the argument to rest... I'll give anyone who posted before me $25 to blow me away with their artistic brilliance and design the guy a much better logo, if you think it's worth the cash. Please follow his brief as posted.

    Clock's ticking, make it fast the client's in a hurry... no, I don't have time for you to go to design school. Best entry gets the prize, I'll even sweeten it for the losers if they're better than the original.

    I'd be glad for the OP if I'm proven wrong, but don't expect me to be gentle with my criticism.

  23. Webmeba
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Don't call my teacher :)

    I'm currently in school, in class, more specifically in the Computer Science class. We have two periods and this is the 2nd, I've just finished all my required work so i'm free to do anything.

    I decided to use some clip art we used in school last year, combine it with some text in Adobe Fireworks and create a few logos.

    Technically, I'm not allowed to upload stuff via FTP during class, but ah well.


    $25 please. :)

    EDIT: i know he wanted to avoid the whole stickman thing, but hey we had some laying around over here so I decided to use them.

    EDIT 2: ok here is the second batch.


    gotta go now...

  24. StrangeAttractor
    Posted 8 years ago #


    You could have done better. I don't know why people take the most important part of their marketing -- the most important collaterial -- their logo and have it made cheaply.

    It's because they 1) don't care (marketing in the sense of tying a brand image to their business is not essential in every business, particularly small ones); or 2) because they can't afford it (not much start up capital or unwilling to invest a lot in an enterprise that has yet to prove its ability to earn money); 3) because even though they have a decent budget and a good reason to market, they just don't know that much about marketing.

    Those are the reasons I've encountered working for clients. Small businesses -- for good reasons and bad -- often don't value the importance of a logo. It can be very difficult to convince them that spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a logo that is part of a larging branding strategy is important in terms of growth.

    Conversely, a fairly crappy logo in the hands of a skilled marketing team can wind up having nearly universal recognition. Design is very important, and it's not surprising that designers often tend to think it's the most important aspect of branding/marketing, but it's not always so.

    My designer costs and with good reason. She has my business plan, vision of my companies future, my ideal clientp profile, etc. etc. Now that's just a little of what a good designer asked for and uses in their process.

    Obviously you have put thought into your marketing strategy and value the ROI of branding your image carefully, and are willing to pay for professional experts to help you develop it.

    But not everyone is. A plumber might feel a better investment of his capital is to buy new equipment, hire an assistant, get a new truck, or buy 1 page ads in the yellow pages.

  25. StrangeAttractor
    Posted 8 years ago #

    1) Every good logo has a meaning
    2) Every good logo is easy to remember
    3) Every good logo is easily associated to/with its meaning

    I have to say that I disagree with #1 and #3. Being memorable or easily recognized is important, but tying the logo to a specific meaning is not only *not* essential, but often results in a old-fashioned looking logo. (A logo that is too literal. And furthermore, a logo tied to specific meaning may become a handicap when your company decides to expand its product line or services, or change direction altogether.)

    Most logos I've seen these days (from large corporations) are frequently simple text treatments, or use symbols that are chosen precisely because they *are* meaningless but easily recognizable shapes.

    For example, take the logo for CVS. It's a huge brand, but their logo is simply white letters of a particular font on red.

    Or what about American Apparel? You certainly cannot accuse those guys of not having a marketing strategy! And yet their logo is a very plain black text treatment.

    There are lots of examples. The logo is just one part of the marketing. The purpose of marketing is to associate the brand with the logo so strongly and so ubiquitously, that when you see the logo you automatically associate it with all the other branding the company has done. The logo doesn't create the meaning -- the whole marketing campaign does, and that's a long term effect.

  26. Webmeba
    Posted 8 years ago #

    You have a point.

    But essentially there are two ways of remembering a logo

    1) you see it all over the place (ala Coke, CVS, etc.) and therefore you remember it
    2) you see it in some place and since the design (or message) is so intriguing, you remember it

    For 1 you need, well, tons of money, and a great designer.
    For 2, you need a great designer.

  27. Bodhipaksa
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Actually, fonts have meanings and associations as well, so even a simple logo like CVS is saying something, as is American Apparel, which is surely making a statement about offering simple, straightforward, unaffected designs. They chose a particular font for their logo for a reason -- it's not comic sans, or century gothic, or times new roman, which would all have very different "meanings."

  28. whooami
    Posted 8 years ago #

    all of this hubbub over a logo!!

    Ive been going to reply to this thread for a while, so here goes.

    The logo is fine. And this:

    The wavy line starts off "hilly" and then flattens out towards the end. Perhaps this is symbolic of how you'll feel after a session with Chris?

    The font for "Chris Ranes" is spiky. Is that a comment on his personality? Is he cruel to his students?

    made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my red Ikea computer chair.

    Seriously, is someone really going to look that hard at that image?? Of course not.

    It took someone actually pointing it out to me for me to see the arrow in the fedex logo, for fux sake. :P

    The logo is fine. The logo is fine. The logo is fine. The logo is fine.

    repeat after me, The logo is fine :)

  29. Ivovic
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Webmeba, your inability to follow the brief with your initial design is indicative of the quality of your critical opinions here.

    If you can't follow rules, then you have no business complaining about the designs of those who CAN follow the rules, no matter how stupid you think those rules are.

    Naturally, as your first design didn't follow the brief, it's disqualified.

    Now lets look at the second one.

    Here's yours: http://webmeba.com/images/chris-ranes2.jpg
    here's the original you complained and beat your chest about: http://myfitnesswithchris.com/images/myfitnesswithchris_larger_trans-1.gif

    The breakdown:

    1) your logo is infinitely more boring than the original, making use of only a very basic sans-serif font and some really poor use of whitespace between your two lines of "design" which could have been done in MS word.

    2) what does "ertified" mean? what does "hris" mean? Oh I get it, that big-ass C was supposed to fit with both of them, even though its miles away and doesn't really flow into either line... I get ya now.

    3) Please tell us why the copyright symbol has become your biggest design influence here? Maybe I'm wrong, perhaps you're just sponsored by the letter C, and the numbers 4 and 6.

    4) What does a HUGE letter C have to do with fitness and personal training?

    5) The big bold C looks like your attempt at rating your own work Unfortunately it's quite generous. The OP could have done a better job himself in a word processor. Awful.

    Even you would have to admit that your second attempt here is worse than the original.

    I do agree that some human figure is called for, albeit cliche, but that wasn't in the brief. Instead of complaining about the design the guy got for $25, maybe you should be complaining about the OP's brief?

    Anyway, if you want all that money to retire on, you'll have to do a much better job of a logo than that.

  30. Webmeba
    Posted 8 years ago #

    News flash,

    I know how to critique logos, I dont know how to design them, i don't have a degree in design, i'm 15 after all
    I designed those logos while in school in around 20 min

    I still think they look better than his logo, but that's my opinion and it's subjective. As far as I'm concerned you can think whatever you want, and even enjoy it. I love being criticized because in the end it improves your work, however I hate people that criticize work and inject comments criticizing not just the product, but the maker as well.

    I love it how you immediately associate the "C" with the copyright symbol - lol, and I really don't see what you have against "C"'s.

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