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  • I came up with my own way of taking advantage of Technorati’s rel=”tag” so I can get listed however I want. I can add links now with ease all from a popup window (same as a normal link entry within WP’s admin) but this will add all rel”tags” to whatever you enter. Also if I decide I want to be listed in, say, 10 other categories on Technorati.. i can do that too all from a simple popup window as well. It will list them all neatly in a row wherever you decide to place it.

    I liked little things from all the other scripts/hacks but decided I just needed to make something that worked for me.. all from within the quicktags.js. No need to remember any script or code.. just click the buttons (or use hot-keys) and type tags all day long.

    Maybe someone else will find a use for it or maybe make it a little better. Lemme know what you think.

    More on it Here. Theress also a quick video showing how it works (yea I went overboard) but it seems to get the point across.

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