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    I have seen the layout of invoices in Sprout Invoices (SPI). I do not like the current layout of invoices, although they are beautiful. I have 4 main problems with the appearance of its invoices, although this might not be true about everybody:

    1- The invoice page has no title. I must add a page title such as:
    <title>Invoice For Translation Services</title>
    (The title of “Invoice for” comes before invoice subject)

    2- The invoice page is not right-to-left, although my language (Persian) is RTL. This plugin does not support RTL very well yet. The table cells and table rows are not RTL, and I believe this must be an available option rather than a customization issue.

    3- The history is shown below the invoice and this is a really redundant thing for my client. It must be removed.

    4- The order of invoice contents does not satisfy me, because less important things sit before more important things. For example, client’s address is written on top invoice, while it must go to the end of invoice. I think, an ideal invoice layout is something like this:
    [company logo]

    Invoice For
    [Invoice Subject]

    Issued For: [Client’s Name]
    Issued On: [Creation Date]
    (*Note: The issue date and all other dates should support the default date format of WordPress, including non-gregorian calendars such as Iranian calendar)
    Project Name: {Project Name, if any. This line is removed if no project is attached to the invoice]

    [Table of tasks and prices]
    (*Note: The cells and rows of this table should support both rtl and ltr alignments according to the default language)

    Total: 2,000 Tomans
    Equal to Twenty Thousand Rials
    (I wrote the numbers in both digits and letters, so to prevent mistakes. I also wrote the numbers in two monetary units because it prevents mistakes; besides, Toman is our informal popular unit and Rial is our formal non-popular unit).
    Discount= (discount amount, if any. This line is removed if no discount is given]
    Tax: [tax amount or percent]
    Other costs: [if any]
    Paid So Far: [amount, if any, not written if not any]
    Payment Status: [payment status]

    Due Date: 15 days – 1395-10-23


    [our own contacts]
    (*note: Our contacts include everything such as: landline, mobile, website, email, fax,)

    [foot note]

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  • Plugin Author Dan Cameron



    This can all be done with a customized invoice template.

    Here is some documentation to help:, the section you want to review mostly is “Overriding Templates”.


    Hello Dan
    Thank you for the reply.
    Yes, I can do the customization. Like I mentioned in the other post, I could not find the template customizer at all. You said I need to design a child theme, but this is beyond my current knowledge. I will try to learn it. I just wrote the above explanation because I wanted to suggest improving the later versions. Like I already mentioned, although SPI seems to be a very good invoicing plugin, it is not yet quite ideal. If I had enough knowledge for doing the customization, I would do them myself; but since I don’t know how to design plugins, or child themes, I can just raise a few suggestions for future versions.

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    Thank you for this feedback, I definitely appreciate it and I’ll try to make SI better in the future.

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