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  • as a web developer in real life, one thing i thought i would never do was to try and run a personal web site. at some point in the last 3 weeks i decided to start blog. the first place i hit was livejournal. the ui and layout was fantastic, features were fantastic…but the response time from their server(s) was/were wretched. it made me want to vomit.
    i decided that i would go head and pay for web appliance space on hostnuke. its cheap, seems pretty fast, and as far as im concerned, worth the money. i bought my domain, installed postnuke, modified it pretty heavily and came up with a “look” that i wanted to use for it and started posting nothings. pretty cool, but not really a blog. it wasnt meant to be anyway.
    all the people i know with blogs use livejournal. for the most part, they are all miserable with it and the response they get from the server. at some point over the coming days, i created a virtual host on hostnuke for a blogging site, and started taking a look at the major blogging packages written in php. the ones that offered multiple blogs and multiple users either worked “sort of”, or did not offer blogging client support through the blogger api. this is a major disappointment. the ones that looked nice would cost me $100. the whole situation stinks.
    for the time being, im using b2evolution, just because it offers most everything im looking for. im pretty sure its a bit old, and outdated (not positive). two things i dont like about it though; it just doesnt seem very intuitive, and the way you get to blogs just doesnt seem intuitive either. we need something with an intuitive layout like livejournal, that offers theme support like wordpress, and multiple users/blogs/categories like b2evolution on a single install.
    just my two cents 🙂

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  • whats intuitive in LJ layouts 🙂 i just like the community features.
    whats the difference between layouts and themes?
    multiple users and categories are present in SINGLE install…
    Multiple Blogs is coming soon.

    well for starters, any idiot with a computer that knows the alphabet can easily create an account, then a blog, then categories and just be done with it. it is very easy to figure out. thats exactly what im looking for, as some of the people i want to hand blogging ability to arent very computer saavy, and visualizing “user account layout” can be a daunting task for them :p
    b2evolution is what im using now as i said before. i know people that get confused at starting a b2evo blog…and its the most straightforward one ive seen yet.

    well the difference between wordpress and LJ is that LJ is a blogging site and WP is a blog tool.
    i really doubt B2evo people install your blogs for you… u just dont create an account and start using it on your own server :S

    i think you misunderstood what i was saying. i want to run a full blogging site. i dont want to pay $100 for a package to do it. b2evo is a multiauthor, multiuser, multiblog system.
    if you go to my site, you can create an account, then create a blog, then add categories to it and start posting to your own blog. i dont want a personal blog, i want a blogging system for multiple people, some of which i dont even know.

    WP is free.
    Its multiauthor, multiuser…
    multiblog is under construction. already mentioned these things above… once multiblog is done, i think u can open ur site to others to start blogs. just have to wait to see how and when it is implemented.

    People here often don’t like admitting that this tool has limitations, but the truth is that WordPress isn’t really adapted for what you want to do. It’s designed for single user, single blog sites. Yes, multiuser is possible, but you need to be very careful about which level you assign your users. Yes, multiple blogs are possible, but only with separate installations in separate directories. To get what you want you will likely have to pay. That doesn’t seem unreasonable to me when you consider the potential scale of such a site.

    wow. i admitted multiblog is under construction. what else u wanted me to say? i did not even suggested u to install multiple installations because i understood what you meant! and user levels are for more powers. thats the problem with software…
    u give more tools, they shout complexities, u give less, they say its not developed enough.
    and WP multiblog would be free… if it wont be, i would be the first person to switch to b2evo. 🙂

    (That’s what I mean about people not liking to admit that WordPress has limitations. )

    i agreed WP does not support multiblog! its a limitation that is stopping many MT B2evo people to switch.
    and since when having a powerful option considered a limitation? this is related to levels… WP has 10 levels. that should be considered a good thing!

    welp. i like the ease of use this offered…the power of the application i want does not mean that it should cost money. there are far more powerful things out there that are completely free, completely opensource, and completely stable while maintaining an alarming ease of use and fantastic GUI. certainly people would run this thing on pay sites if it had that level of expandability, but thats not what i want. i want to run it on my personal web space that i already pay for hosting, server leasing, and everything else that goes along with running a site. i want to be able to offer free, high speed blogging to people that stumble across it at no cost with no advertisements.
    see? i dont want to pay $100 for something like that. 🙂

    Do you have a cap on the number of users and the amount of bandwidth they will be allowed? Do you have a Terms of Service stating what kind of content you will allow? How will your support system work? Setting up a cost-free, ad-free blogging service for anyone who might ‘stumble across it’ is a potentially huge undertaking. It’s as well that there are some obstacles in the way or people might go into it without thinking.

    i think you are confused. wordpress does not provide you with blogging services like blogger or livejournal do. it does provide you a software you can use to blog with for free…
    and u can install as many blogs, have as many users, post as much content as you like. But on your own servers…
    for terms of use of using wordpress read:

    As I understand it, what he wants to do is set up an ad-free blogger/livejournal style service on his server using WordPress. You would need a LOT of coding knowledge, not to mention time and money, in order to accomplish this and it doesn’t seem reasonable to demand it as part of the basic distribution 🙂

    Sidenote: if this were a feasible use of WordPress, I rather think one of the development team would have done it on their own sites. It would be a great way of enabling people to ‘try out’ the product before investing in hosting.

    for trying out the product before investing in hosting i guess: works… is the login password available to common user? anyone??

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