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  • I have made quite a few posts and threads here on forums, but for some reason I never seem them and they never get any replies. If I go to my user profile it lists all the posts and threads I’ve made and none of them have any replies, even the ones that are a year old. Also, whenever I go to the individual forums where I’ve posted I don’t see my post/thread anywhere.

    I am wondering what’s going on and if something can be done about this. Hopefully THIS post appears where it’s suppose to and people can see it.

    Thank you.

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  • Your posts are ending up in the Akismet review queue. Moderators review it periodically throughout the day so they shouldn’t be stuck there for too long. We appreciate your patience!

    Ok….? Doesn’t seem to really answer anything, but thanks for taking the time to reply.



    Forum Janitor

    Your posts are showing up. Not sure why you haven’t had many responses, but if you are being held in the Akismet queue that could be restricting their exposure, I guess. Normally it sorts itself out.

    Sorry dcloud, which part of my response didn’t make sense? Let me know and I’ll try to elaborate.

    Sorry, Chris. Just meant that by now most of my comments and threads should have passed out of the Askimet corral and went grazing, lol.

    I see some of them have, but it’s just odd how so many have no replies. I even tried “bumping” a couple, but that doesn’t seem to work. Maybe a forum no-no?

    Anyway, Chris and mrmist – thanks for responding.



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    “Bumping” is indeed an no-no.

    Ok, I just ran into this problem again. I wanted to post a question on the Contact From 7 forum, but when I used the message box there was no option for “Contact Form 7” in the drop down, so the message got inserted in Plugins and Hacks.

    However, when clicking on this post in my profile overview page I get “Topic closed”. How can you get your posts to appear in the right forum?

    Is there a way to get your post in the right place that maybe I’m overlooking instead of having it disappear into limbo or have it become “locked” or “closed”?

    Still the Akismet issue. I just “released” that last post from queue.

    Thanks, Chris. I don’t see my post in the Contact Form 7 forum though. I wonder why I keep getting caught in that Akismet thing?

    This one, right?

    As for why? Afraid the whims of Akismet are still a mystery to me 🙂 One assumes that after we release you enough times it’ll get trained… One hopes.

    Yeah, that’s the one. It seems to still be in the Plugins and Hacks section, instead of on the Contact Form 7 board. Oh well. Than ks for your help.

    Moderator James Huff


    You forgot to add the “contact form 7” tag, but I just added it for you. All plugin support requests go in the Plugins and Hacks section, they just use tags to highlight the specific plugin.

    The next time you want to make a support request regarding a specific plugin, find it here (for example, the Contact Form 7 listing), then look around the bottom-right corner. You’ll see “Got something to say? Need help? Write a new topic.” When you click on “Write a new topic,” it’ll start a new topic with the tag already inserted.

    Mac, thank you for that information. I just posted a message to the ‘Fast and Secure Contact Form’ thread using the steps you outlined and it seems to have worked.

    Thanks for your help 🙂

    Moderator James Huff


    You’re welcome!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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