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  • hi can any1 tell me why my posts look funny. example when i click the

    bullet buttons they show up in my written post but dont show when i update my site and go to have a look in the domestic violence tab. also after finishing bullet pointing i space down like this

    so that it won’t have the cluttered look and that’s not working either. yet i have spaced down with the enter key where you go to write the post. Looks tidy in there but terrible as well as no bullet points when updating. Hope I am making sense. here’s my link HELP please

    Thanks Llani

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  • WordPress will remove blank spaces between lines unfortunately. You can stop this happening using a plugin:

    (That is old but might still work, if not, try searching for another similar one)

    If you want to add more space between the bullets in your content you will have to do that using CSS. You can either write it like this in your post:

    <li style="margin-bottom:30px;">some text</li>

    Or try adding this to your theme CSS:

    .entry-content li {

    Hi thanks for getting back to me. Um not sure i want to download that plugin because of what it says and being old too………..Would you know another plugin i could use….The codes you sent above, look I’m a dummy when it comes to websites and sorta have an idea of where to put them but not really. For instance this here <li style=”margin-bottom:30px;”>some text I would paste strait into where I write my post?????? Is that what your saying?

    And the .entry-content li { Where exactly would I put that in my css?

    Anything more simplified that you may know of???? Thanks for your quick response, Cheers


    The solution would be to add the code that PinkishHue suggested to your style.css file. Anywhere in the file should work, but you could do a quick search to see if .entry-content li is already in there somewhere. Otherwise, just add:

    .entry-content li {

    to that file to add the space.

    Also, even though the plugin is old, it should still work and if it doesn’t, you can simply deactivate and delete it.


    Thanks for helping me to get it. I really appreciate that ta. I think I can do this now. You explained it to where I understood that. I was confused with PinkishHue, but only because as explained previous I’m a dummie to this. Made a pretty good website though with the dummie I am. I don’t get into degrading myself often, but with this type of stuff, oh yes slow learner…….

    Thanks again

    Another option that might work for adding space in your bullets is when you are writing your post/page add a line break like so:

    <li>some text<br /></li>


    <li>some text<br /><br /></li>

    That might be an easier solution for you rather than adding code to your CSS.

    Hi PinkieHue,

    Thanks again for yr help. Haven’t bn on the net for a while and remembered that I had to send this to you. Really appreciate the help that you all give.

    Ta much, I will do that

    Cheers ;-))

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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