• Hi, I think this forum is still a bit confusing for me.

    I posted my first post under wordpress and it somehow landed under requests and trouble shooting.

    So, I did the same for another post and it strangely landed somewhere else….at the wrong place where noone finds it.

    here it is: Some observations.

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  • In order to post in a specific forum you have to scroll down on the meain page and select the section where you want to post (e.g. feedback) and click to open that forum, then start a new topic.
    BTW, the post you linked above is in “Installation”. I can move it to Feedback, if you want.

    Moderator James Huff


    Not a problem. That’s one general confusing aspect of the forums. At the bottom of each Forum category, “Requests and Feedback”, “Installation”, “Your WordPress”, etc is a “New Topic in this Forum” form. Posting via this form places the new thread under the category which you are currently viewing.

    The tags only provide a secondary layer of categorization, but they do not control where your post goes.

    ::and it’s Moshu by a nose::

    That was my problem.
    I looked for the forums in the list on top, which were the tags.
    Didnt know what do do with it and thought:
    Click WORDPRESS and post it there.
    Then it went “I dont know where” 🙂
    Maybe its because I am used to a different forums style.
    here my realtively new forum:
    see, totally different concept.

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