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  • Hello WordPress experts,
    Sometimes I can’t post because the post i write in wp post box doesn’t save.That’s mean it show “Saving” all the time. In this situation when i go to publish the ‘post view’ shows ‘nothing is found’. Again sometimes for this i can’t access my site from my IP. It is not happening all the time but it is happening often especially when i write long post or post with some screenshots.
    O:again during last two days for this same problem i couldn’t view or login my wp dashboard/login my cpanel. After mailing my host company today i could access my site from my IP.But the same problem exiss till now.
    Please i need your help. I search on Google but couldn’t find exact answer. All are saying to change mod security but i mailed to my host a few days ago to change mod security and they didn’t reply me.
    Please reply me and i am waiting for your reply.
    Here the screenshot:

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