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  • I’d appreciate help from anyone who is familiar with this. I recently did the self host of a word press blog and I can make post or pages, if I make the pages on page 0 or add a different page, if I do tags or without – category’s or without – my post and pages show up in the admin when I click on view post it can’t be found. Sometimes it can but once it hits a search engine the address of course has added other than the blog itself behind it and says’ “Not found under the header of the theme – Can anyone explain in simple terms? I have it hosted on blue host and I’m totally lost.

    Appreciate any help

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  • Hmmm, I’m cracking my head here trying to understand what you’ve written above. No fault of yours though, English is my third language, and I’ve had quite some bottles, today being our national independence day 🙂

    Can you give your site’s URL for me to take a look?

    BTW: Have you enabled Permalinks? If so, have you confirmed that your .htaccess file is updated?

    Hey, I can knock people off the first page results in search engines but this self hosted word press blog stuff is totally over my head, lol
    Thanks for responding. Permalinks are enabled – .htaccess file? I’m lost.
    What I’m saying is I go to my admin area – I make a post – I hit view post, sometimes it shows sometimes it says not found even though it shows in the admin area under post.
    It hits a search result pretty quick and when you click on the blog from the google search for instance the blog is showing because I added code to the header – other wise the bottom section says – NOT FOUND…
    If you look at the blog directly the address is – you will see post by putting in that address – when it hits the search engines it has something like – home-inspector – and post is not found – so needless to say, broken links gets knocked out of the search engines really quickly.
    What do you charge, I’m lost, lol

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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