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  • Great job on the release, folks! Here’s my wish list, in descending order of importance:
    1. list_users() — it should behave just exactly like list_cats(), except filtering by author. Optionally exclude admin, optionally restrict it only to those who have posted, etc. I tried starting on this, but I hit a snag when I realized that the primary key in both the users and posts table are both named ID, rather than user_ID and post_ID. The best solution would, of course, to be to make these field names unique, because it makes the join a pain in the ass. I don’t know if anyone wants to take that on, though — that’s a pretty sweeping change. Then I got lost in the apply filters code and gave up.
    2. E-mail notifications/subscriptions — believe it or not, the rest of the world still uses e-mail. I’d like to be able to have readers be able to subscribe via e-mail to:
    – Whole blog, any topic, any author, or responses to one particular post
    – Every post, or daily digest, or weekly digest
    – Send headlines & excerpts or whole posts
    3. Pass a single URL parameter to index.php (rather than creating a separate page) to tell it to display headlines only, headlines and excerpts, or full content.
    4. Pass a parameter to index.php telling it how many posts to display, over-riding the default configuration.
    5. Have RSS feeds for each individual category and author (see above) that are clearly displayed somewhere and named within the feed itself. This would approximate the effect of having multiple blogs, i.e., multiple authors, without having a whole ‘nother instance of WP installed.
    6. Admin should be able to post as anybody. Because I blog some things as admin and other things as me, I’m constantly having to log out and back in. If I’m logged in as admin, I should be able to pick. I should also be able to change the author on a post through the UI, instead of hacking MySQL.
    7. Configurable pings — it would be nice for the admin to be able to configure additional sites to ping besides and This also should be able to be restricted to a particular category or author. This would be especially for use with something like
    OK — that’s my laundry list! I’m not much of a coder, but I’m happy to help flesh out the specs for anyone who wants to take some of these on.
    Scott Allen

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  • Scott, you can pass in a cat value (category ID) to the rss files to have a feed of each category. Actually, you can pass in pretty much any of the values you can pass in to the index.php page.

    My wishlist is somewhat shorter:

    1. Email notifications for comments (part of #2 on Scott’s list)
    2. Configurable pings (#7 ibid.)

    Multiple-blog support would be fantastic.

    still lobbying for installation in a subfolder right of the box…but you knew that already, right?

    Quoting Alex: “Scott, you can pass in a cat value (category ID) to the rss files to have a feed of each category. Actually, you can pass in pretty much any of the values you can pass in to the index.php page.”
    Hi Alex, how would I be able to have my category list come out so the RSS link would be right next to the html link… like this:
    Personal (RSS)
    Politics (RSS)

    Unless I’m missing something, adding the ability to put in text into the title attribute of a link would be nice.

    Shreela – You’d need to modify the list_cats() function.

    @spufi: if you’re talking about Link Manager links… the “Description” field goes into the title attribute of the link 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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